Sweet revenge for Sánchez/Josemaría, top seeds up and running in Danish round of 16

Sweet revenge for Sánchez/Josemaría, top seeds up and running in Danish round of 16

The Danish Padel Open 2022 round of 16 saw all top four seeds make their debuts in Copenhagen at the Royal Stage Hillerød.

It is the first time World Padel Tour has touched down in Denmark, with the tournament already throwing up surprises and exciting matches.

Here is what happened in all eight women's matches on Thursday across the three courts.

Riera/Llaguno (3) vs Navarro/Godallier

Proceedings at centre court started with three-seed Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno as they faced Teresa Navarro and French Léa Godallier.

The first set was incredibly closely contested, with Riera and Llaguno not finding a way through despite their best efforts.

It went to a tie-break, where they finally won 7-6 to get a leg up. In the second set, they got the break's advantage and won 6-4.

Brea/Icardo (4) vs Jensen/Mesa

Four-seed Delfi Brea and Tamara Icardo have yet to kick-start their season, not advancing past the quarter-finals yet this year. They faced Carla Mesa and Claudia Jensen in the round of 16.

Brea and Icardo flew out of the blocks and won the opening set 6-3 against their solid opposition.

They went a break up too in the second set but were broken back by Mesa and Jensen, who hung in there until the very end.

Brea and Icardo managed to restore their lead after being tied at 5-5, and won the match 7-5 to go through to the quarter-finals.

Ortega/González (6) vs Nogueira/Villalba

Court 2 featured Marta Ortega and Bea González as they took on Ana Catarina Nogueira and Mari Carmen Villalba.

Ortega and González were the favourites heading into the match but struggled to find a way past their Portuguese-Spanish opposition. It took them 11 games to find the decisive break, winning 7-5.

With slightly fewer problems in the second set, Ortega and González won it with a convincing 6-3 to put them in another quarter-finals.

They will face Brea and Icardo on Friday at the Royal Stage.

Osoro/Iglesias (7) vs Rufo/Pascual

Seventh-seeded Aranza Osoro and Victoria Iglesias played for a ticket to the quarter-finals against the temporary duo of Lorena Rufo and Lourdes Pascual.

Osoro and Iglesias have hit form of late, and displayed this again on Thursday as they made quick work of beating their Portuguese-Spanish rivals.

The match's favourites won via a double 6-1 to make another quarter-final, where they will face one of the following two pairs...

Josemaría/Sánchez (2) vs Martínez/Carnicero

Scores had to be settled when Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría came in action against the pair who beat them in Brussels, Lucía Martínez and Esther Carnicero.

Sánchez and Josemaría had clearly not forgotten about two weeks ago in Belgium. They played with an intensity and aggression that was simply unmatchable for Martínez and Carnicero.

This match was over in under 45 minutes. It ended with a double 6-0 for Josemaría and Sánchez, getting their revenge for Brussels and going through to the quarter-finals.

Alayeto/Araújo (8) vs Goenaga/Caldera

The temporary pairing of Mapi Sánchez Alayeto and Sofia Araújo faced the young duo of Carmen Goenaga and Bea Caldera next.

While Mapi waits for her twin sister Majo to recover from her calf injury, she has had good early results with Araújo in Denmark.

After winning the round of 32 in straight sets, they did so again facing Caldera and Goenaga. Taking multiple breaks in both sets, they won via a double 6-2 to go through to the final eight.

Salazar/Triay (1) vs Fernández/Bidahorria

Number ones Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay featured at centre court next, taking on Claudia Fernández and Julieta Bidahorria.

It was 16-year-old Fernández's first time ever in the round of 16, Bidahorria also looking to make her first-ever quarter-finals.

Triay and Salazar took a two-break advantage in the first set, only to be broken back twice to level things up again. At 5-5, the number ones again broke, but were again countered by the resilient Fernández and Bidahorria. In the tie-break, it did end 7-6(5) to the favourites.

The second set started with Fernández and Bidahorria taking a 2-0 lead. It prove to be the final game they won, however, Triay and Salazar breaking three times in a row to take the match 6-2 and make the step into the quarter-finals.

Sainz/Marrero (5) vs Reiter/Polo

Finally, three number ones squared off as Lucía Sainz and Marta Marrero played Ceci Reiter and Julia Polo on court 3.

Fresh after making their first semi-finals of the season in Brussels, Marrero and Sainz beat Polo and Reiter 6-3 in the opening set.

Reiter and Polo proved very strong in the second set at the Royal Stage, keeping close on the scoreboard until things went to a tiebreak. In it, Sainz and Marrero finally proved too strong and closed out the set 7-6, and with it, the match.

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