Swedish number one in action as men's round of 32 concludes in Malmö Padel Open

Swedish number one in action as men's round of 32 concludes in Malmö Padel Open

The men's round of 32 is in the books at the Areco Malmö Padel Open 2021. Swedish number one Simon Vasquez was in action, as was Daniel Windahl.

Both local heroes played at centre court in the Malmö Arena, both facing top ten opposition.

Find out how they got on, as well as the other four games in the afternoon slate of the Malmö Padel Open round of 32.

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Díaz/Lijó VS Vasquez/Rocafort (7-6 / 6-1)

The first match of the afternoon slate at centre court was the main course for the local fans. Swedish number one Simon Vasquez alongside Cayetano Rocafort faced Juan Martín Díaz and Pablo Lijó.

With the support of the locals behind him, Vasquez led the charge for his pair as the first set started off fairly square. Nothing could split the two sides, with the tie break eventually deciding it 7-6 to Lijó and Díaz, once a number one for 14 years running.

The second set was more of a formality for the rankings' overwhelming favourites in this match. The 12th-ranked Díaz and Lijó stepped on the gas and blew Vasquez and Rocafort out of the water 6-1.

Marcos/García VS  Fuster/Sans (6-1 / 6-2)

Two pairs who survived the qualifying rounds battled for round of 16 status in Raúl Marcos and Javier García against Christian Fuster and Antón Sans.

A clear sense of opportunity to make a tournament was present as this match commenced. Marcos and García were much the better pair, however, dominating the first set 6-1.

The second set was more of the same, Marcos and García perhaps preserving more energy from their qualy battles. It ended 6-2 to put Marcos and García in their first round of 16 since the Cascais Padel Master earlier this year.

Lamperti/Yanguas VS Gil/Moya (6-1 / 6-3)

Next up were the two Miguels, Miguel Yanguas and Miguel Lamperti facing Jesús Moya and Xisco Gil at the Malmö Arena. 

It was the 10th against the 14th seeded pair for the tournament, and it was the former of Yanguas and Lamperti who were much the better side. They completely neutralised Gil and Moya to take the opening set 6-1.

In the second frame, they were met by more resistance, but nothing the Maiks could not handle. After an hour and 20 minutes, they won the match 6-1 6-3.

Moyano/Belluati VS Rubio/Ramírez (6-0 / 6-2)

The Argentinian pairing of Ramiro Moyano-Juan Cruz Belluati were next, facing a Spanish duo in Gonzalo Rubio and Iván Ramírez in what was one of the quickest matches of the day.

Moyano and Cruz were playing with a very high intensity from the jump, an intensity that was not matched. So much so that Rubio and Ramírez could not win a single game in the opening set: 6-0.

The Argentinians did not have any mercy in the second set, striking while the iron was hot. While they conceded two games in this set, this match was over within an hour and finished 6-0 6-2.

Sánchez/Capra (7) VS  Windahl/Andornino (6-2 / 6-1)

The final game at centre court saw another Swedish wild card in Daniel Windahl alongside his team-mate Martíni Andornino face seventh-seeded Maximiliano Sánchez and Luciano Capra.

Unlike Simon Vasquez before him, Windahl could not put up much of a fight against the much superior Sánchez and Lucho Capra.

Windahl and Andornino broke in the second set to start things off, but were passengers after. They were counter-broken, and broken two more times after. Severino Izzi's men won this one 6-2 6-1 to book their ticket to the round of 16.

Semmler/Alba VS Garrido/Campagnolo (6-4 / 7-5)

The last pair to get a pass to the round of 16 was the one of Sergio Alba and Miguel Semmler. They faced Javier Garrido and Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo.

An equal game to start, Alba and Semmler found an extra gear and took the opening set 6-4.

Up against the wall, Garrido and Campagnolo were better in the second set, but could never find the break. Semmler and Alba finally did at the end of the set, winning it 7-5 to knock the Spanish-Brazilian duo out.

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