Strong start from the favourites in Gran Canaria [Vídeo]

No surprises in the morning session of the last sixteen

Strong start from the favourites in Gran Canaria [Vídeo]

The matches to reach the final eight of the Gran Canaria Isla Europea del Deporte 2017 Open have got underway. The clash that kicked off proceedings at the Gran Canaria Arena was Gonzalo Díaz - Luciano Capra vs. Maxi Grabiel - Ramiro Moyano. Two pairings that know each other perfectly and that took that experience to court for a high voltage first set. With Godo Diaz in fine form, they grabbed a break in the fourth game to steer towards the first set. But at 5-4 on serve, Grabiel and Moyano broke back to force a tiebreak. The Platenses came back from 3-0 to claim the tiebreak in a first set that lasted an hour.

Godo and Lucho changed the rhythm of the match in the second set. A change that not only modified the pace of the clash but also the match itself. The second set ended 6-2 after an hour and a half. Moyano and Grabiel couldn't find their feet and in the third set Godo and Lucho were even more effective. Capra worked hard and Godo Diaz showed his talent to win 6-3 and claim the match after two hours and thirteen minutes, prolonging their great run of form.

The second match in the morning session was Matías Nicoletti - Gonzalo Rubio versus Miguel Lamperti - Juan MieresThe number four seeds played their first match in the tournament and were made to work hard by Nicoletti and Rubio. The Argentine/Spanish pairing set the tempo thanks to Nicoletti's control and Rubio's power. But Mieres and Lamperti are two born competitors and they kept their cool to take the first set in a tiebreak. It proved to be a blow for Nicoletti and Rubio, who saw how Lamperti's power and Mieres' solid volleys took control of the match. The players coached by Gustavo Pratto took a 5-2 lead and finished it off at 6-3. The duo from Bahia Blanca continue to progess in their third tournament together.

The third match saw Federico Quiles and Marcello Jardim take on the recently crowned Mijas Open winners, Franco Stupaczuk and Cristian GutiérrezA match that confirmed the excellent form of the pairing coached by Carlos Pozzoni. With Cristian Gutierrez controlling the match from the forehand court, Franco Stupaczuk was set free and his power was decisive to win the set 6-1 in under 28 minutes. In the second set they kept it up. There was little Quiles or Jardim could do as they found no way of hurting their opponents, eventually going down 6-2 in an hour and 12 minutes.

The morning session came to an end with an attractive duel between Maxi Sánchez - Matías Díaz and Alejandro Ruiz - Sebastián Nerone. A tough and intense start to the match, with a first game that took almost 20 minutes, was a sign of things to come. In the fifth game Mati and Maxi found the way of hurting their opponents. They controlled the net and were very precise with their shot making, helping them to earn a break of serve. The set ended with another break for the number three seeds, who won 6-3 after 58 minutes. In the second set, Nerone and Ruiz went toe to toe with their rivals, but in the seventh game there was another break for Mati and Maxi who won 6-3 to reach the quarter finals.


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