Sanyo & Maxi start on top in 2019

The number ones beat Paquito and Lebrón in the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master

Sanyo & Maxi start on top in 2019

First great final of the year. A duel for winning the first Master of the season 2019, the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master. First pair of the ranking Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez against the first great experience as a couple of Juan Lebrón with Paquito Navarro.

The machinery of number ones measured the aspirations of a new binomy that augurs a lott of joy in 2019. The brilliant start of the players trained by Nito Brea left reflected on the 20x10 a superiority in the first set that froze Lebrón and Paquito. With the strategy clear and finding in each moment the weak points of their rivals Maxi and Sanyo reached the 5-0 in little more than half an hour of competition. Until the sixth game could not open their score the Andalusian couple, but by then the set was decided. 6-1 for Sánchez-Gutiérrez.

Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón needed a total change, and fix the wound suffered during the first heat of the match. The spanish couple leaded by Ramiro Choya began to change the dinamic of the game. The games passed and nobody managed to alter the score until 5-5, at which point Maxi and Sanyo made the break, but they were not able to finish off with their subsequent serve sending the final word to the tie break. In the sudden death appeared the best Sanyo Gutiérrez. The Wizard of San Luis, together with Maxi's clean defense, would close the game(7-6) to start the season commanding in the circuit. The number ones takes the first of the season. Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez, champions of the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master 2019.


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