Same partner, new challenge. Some pairings stay together for 2018

Get to know the duos starying together in 2018

Same partner, new challenge. Some pairings stay together for 2018

There's been a lot of movement in terms of pairings for the 2018 season on the World Padel Tour but on the men's side, some have opted to continue together. Here are the partnerships that remain united ahead of the new season:

Pablo Lima - Fernando Belasteguín 2 - Finales - Estrella Damm Master Final 2017

After three years at the top of padel, Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima are top of this list of pairings staying together. The Argentine and the Brazilian have remained united ofr three years now and have always topped the World Padel Tour rankings in that period. Bela and Lima look towards 2018 after a complicated 2017 where the number ones were forced to hold on to their privileged spot. First, they had to react to Sanyo Gutiérrez and Paquito Navarro winning the first two tournaments of the season at the Santander Open and the Miami Padel Masters. Things got even worse after Fernando Belasteguín was injured just before the final del Valladolid OpenAfter missing the Mijas Open due to Fernando Belasteguin undergoing knee surgery, the world number one pairing stayed on top of the rankings until the end of the season. Their wins in Alicante, Granada, Lisbon, Zaragoza and Buenos Aires meant their destiny was in their own hands. In the penultimate tournament of the season, the Keler Bilbao Open, Bela and Lima ensured they would end the year on top. 2018 will be their fourth season together and their target will be the same as always: to dominate the World Padel Tour. They have to defend eight titles (including the Estrella Damm Master Final) equating to 14,600 points.

Cristian Gutiérrez - Franco Stupaczuk - Semifinales - Keler Bilbao Open 2017

Last season was Cristian Gutiérrez and Franco Stupaczuk's first year together on tour. A season in which the pairing coached by Carlos Pozzoni won back to back titles in Mijas and Gran Canaria. Two wins that showed their huge talent and also helped establish them among the top four pairings in the world, which means they receive a bye in the opening round of Open events. Their target for this season is to be a little bit more consistent and continue to fight to be in the final rounds of tournaments. With so many changes, the continuity of this duo could be a weapon.

Miguel Lamperti - Juani Mieres 2 - Cuartos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

For the third season running, Juani Mieres and Miguel Lamperti will embark together on a new adventure on the World Padel Tour. In 2017, Mieres's knee problems meant that they didn't play together until the Valladolid Open. This setback didn't stop the duo from Bahia Blanca from bringing out their very best as they qualified for the Master Final and showed at the back end of the season that they can take on the best players in the world. Their first target will be to find their best game to take on the top four pairings. They start the year with Mieres 12th on 3220 points and Lamperti 9th on 4320 points.

Juan Tello - Fede Chingotto - Octavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

Without a doubt, Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto  were one of the pairings which progressed the most in 2017. Not only did they receive plaudits but they also made two semifinals, in Valladolid and Alicante. 2017 was their first whole season and it went to prove that these promising young Argentines are the real deal. Their third season together could be the one where they really take off and make a push to qualify for the Master Final. They start the year in 17th on 2353 points.

Javi Ruiz - Uri Botello - Cuartos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

Uri Botello and Javier Ruíz didn't start last year together. Botello began with Fernando Poggi, reaching the quarter finals in Santander in their first outing. But they went their separate ways further on with Poggi teaming up with Reca and Botello with Ruiz. Ruiz had started out with Peter Alonso and his end of the season with Botello showed their potential. Their best result was a quarter final at the Buenos Aires Padel Master. 2018 will give them the chance to prove that they can maintain that standard throughout the year. Uri Botello starts the yeare 33rd on 1500 points Ruiz is 35th on 1482 points.


The paths of Jordi Muñoz and Javier Escalante didn't come together until the final third of 2017. Both went through changes of pairings as they looked to find some sort of consistency. But they did set the base for their project in 2018 where Jordi Muñoz's talent meets Escalante's power. Both will work together after Muñoz moved to Barcelona with the rest of his family. Jordi Muñoz picked up 1385 points to end 37th in 2018 while Escalante ended 44th on 1126 points.

Gaby Reca - Fernando Poggi - Octavos - Granada Open 2017

They didn't start together in 2017 either but two legends such as Fernando Poggi and Gabriel Reca ended together. Poggi started with Uri Botello while Reca was went through Javier Concepcion and Aris Patiniotis before forming one of the most experienced duos in the world. These two players, who have won it all, now need to find the motivation to continue enjoying themselves on court. If they can do that, then they can take on anyone. Poggi starts on 1177 points in 42nd while Reca is 46th on 1094 points.

Chico Gomes - Ernesto Moreno - Dieciseisavos - Portugal Padel Masters 2017

Ernesto Moreno and Chico Gomes went through tough moments in 2017. They didn't start together in a year where they tried to make up for lost terrain at the latter end. Their main weapons are their mental strength and perseverence. They picked up good results together, eventually advancing from starting in qualifying rounds to finding a place in the main draw. Chico Gomes's grit and Moreno's natural talent should be a dangerous combination for everyone.

Lucas Bergamini - Lucas Campagnolo - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

Two Brazilians looking to follow in the footsteps of their illustrious compatriots, Marcello Jardim and Pablo Lima, are Lucas Bergamini and Lucas CampagnoloThey didn't start together, lining up with Antonio "Pincho" Fernández and Martín Di Nenno respectively. Youth, power and speed, aiming to find a gap among the best. The duo coached by Horacio Álvarez Clementi want to make a name for themselves in 2018.

Javier Garrido - Gonzalo Rubio - Octavos - Estrella Damm Zaragoza Open 2017

Finally, we highlight a 100% Andalusian duo which should continue to evolve this year. We're talking about Gonzalo Rubio and Javier GarridoTwo players that teamed up well into the year and in their short time together, they have offered some interesting performances. Gonzalo Rubio has progressed physically and his partner, Garrido, is one of the youngsters to look out for after having been World Champion in every junior category. A very determined project aiming for big things this year.





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