Salazar and Triay, elegance to reign

Salazar and Triay, elegance to reign

We are facing one of the most important movements in the women's circuit for this new season. Gemma Triay will partner with Alejandra Salazar for this new 2021 course in World Padel Tour. Talent, class and quality to unite two number one of female padel is the ambitious bet of this new duet.

Alejandra Salazar will start this new journey after sharing a common destiny with Ariana Sánchez during the last two seasons. The balance of this extraordinary competitor has been eight titles in total, being always one of the pairs in the fight ro reach the number one. One of all time best drive players is ready to assault the world throne.

For Gemma Triay, the new project comes after finishing a long period with Lucía Sainz. A total of 5 seasons in which the pair went from the consolidation among the best to the domination of the women's circuit. Now Triay faces the challenge of defending the status of favorite that she have earned on the court. A compendium of class, talent and imagination for one of the most elegant and lethal players of the world. "Gem-magnificent" is ready to continue to show that her ceiling is still far from being reached.


This is the way Ale Salazar communicated her new adventure in World Padel Tour:


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