Salazar and Marrero meet in Madrid to play number 1 again

Salazar and Marrero meet in Madrid to play number 1 again

Red hot, this is how the race for the number one of the women's padel arrives at the next Estrella Damm Madrid Master 2019. Two players, Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar, play alongside their teammates Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez, that coveted women's padel square . Two players who shared fate last year, Ale Salazar and Marta Marrero, will once again play the world leadership in an exciting face-to-face. These two women, together with their respective partners, have distributed the 9 titles that have been disputed to date in the women's circuit. Next, we review Marrero's options of retaining the number one, and Salazar's options of being able to take it away.

Marta Marrero (14.730 points)

Marta Marrero 5 - Semifinales - Cervezas Victoria Mijas Open 2019

The Canarian player leads the list and is the one with the most mathematical options to leave the Master while maintaining the number one. For this, Marrero would serve a victory, which guarantees that position. Also reach the final, as long as there is no victory for Alejandra Salazar. If Salazar did not exceed the semifinals, Marrero would be worth reaching the quarterfinals to continue leading the ranking after the tournament.

Alejandra Salazar (14.330 points)

Alejandra Salazar - - Semifinales - Cervezas Victoria Mijas Open 2019

Salazar has already occupied the first position shared with Marrero this same season. If she wants to recover it in Madrid alone, the player depends on herself. This is enough to achieve his fifth title of the year with Ariana Sánchez. If not, Salazar would have to wait for Marrero not to reach the final with Marta Ortega. If so, Ale Salazar would only have to reach the last instance of the tournament to get on top. The rest of the combinations would go through at least the semifinals and that the leaders do not overcome the debut in Madrid.

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