Maximum equality and emotion in the quarterfinals that end with the french representation at the Paris Challenger 2019


The first international Challenger of the World Padel Tour season faced its final stretch with the quarterfinals. 16 couples came to the appointment at the Central Court of the Casa Padel Club to find a place in the semifinal round of this Paris Challenger 2019.

For a place in the semifinals facing Ernesto Moreno and Gonzalo Rubio against Aday Santana and Lucas Bergamini, a match full of alternatives and marked by a huge ball rhythm that ended on the side of Santana and Bergamini (5-7/7-5/7-6). A surviving duo of the previous like Javier Valdés and Agustín Gutiérrez was going to test the No. 1 seeded of the Parisian tournament; Martín Sánchez Piñeiro and Alejandro Ruiz. Finally, were Piñeiro and Ruiz who won the fight (7-5/3-6/6-3).

Luciano Capra and Lucas Campagnolo got their pass against Víctor Ruiz and José Rico (7-6/6-3). And the last place in the semifinals was to be played by Pablo Lijó and Álvaro Cepero against Javier Rico and Seba Nerone. Despite the latter being a double of circumstances, they would be the ones who led the initiative and won the duel (7-5/7-6).

In the female category, Alix Collombon, the only French representative, said goodbye to the Challenger after losing to Icardo and Hernández. This is how the Paris Challenger women's draw was:


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