Reaching the semis wasn't child's play for Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez

They win a 2h30 clash against Iglesias and Navarro

Reaching the semis wasn't child's play for Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez

There was a clash for the semifinals at Club Barberá Indoor Padel between two pairings that participated at the recent Master Final: Marta Ortega - Ariana Sánchez vs Victoria Iglesias - Teresa Navarro.

Two similar padel approaches took each other on; two pairings that don't beat around the bush. Iglesias and Navarro came out focused on the task in hand. The Andalusians broke in the fourth game. A prize that spurred them on and after 50 minutes, Iglesias and Navarro won the first set 6-3, filling their opponents with doubts. Ortega and Sanchez reacted in the second set by taking the first three games. Their courageous approach started to get the better of Iglesias and Navarro, who weren't as comfortbale as before. Ari Sanchez controlled the tempo and Marta Ortega executed with her aggressive shots. That translated into a 6-2 scoreline which forced a third set after almost and hour and forty minutes. It seemed as if the match was heading in favour of Miguel Sciorilli's pupils. Even more so when they broke in the second game to make it 2-0. But Iglesias and Navarro dug deep and recovered that break in the third game. Ortega and Sanchez broke at the eleventh hour and won 7-5 to reach the semis after two hours and forty minutes.


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