Qualifying is history, La Rural prepares for the fight for the title

The last four pairings made it to the main draw

Qualifying is history, La Rural prepares for the fight for the title

The best padel in the world finally conquered La Rural. And it did so with four qualifying matches to reach the main draw of the Buenos Aires Padel MasterThe first pairing to make it to the final Master of the season was Antonio Luque and Diogo Rochawho knocked out Brazilian duo Stefano Flores and Andre Freitas. Despite the match starting with three break points for Flores and Freitas, there was a rapid change in the path the first set took. The Spanish/Portuguese duo won 6-0 in just 24 minutes. In the second set, Flores and Freitas tried to stay in it but they lost 6-3 in 33 minutes as Luque and Rocha made it to the tournament proper.

The second ticket into the main draw would be handed out to the winners of the clash between Argentines Agustín Gutiérrez and Leonel Aguirre, and young Spanish pairing Javier Rico and Jorge Nieto Ruiz. A brave and aggressive start to the match helped the Spaniards to win the first set 6-1. Quick in their transitions to the net and efficient in their volleys, Nieto and Rico didn't let their opponents feel comfortable at any stage. Although the second set was more of a fight, Rico and Nieto sailed through 6-3 in an hour and ten minutes, making it to the main draw of a big event for the second time this season.

The third final qualifying match was Gonzalo Gabriel Alfonso - Santiago Frugoni vs. Juan Manuel Restivo - Martín Di NennoThe latter took the first advantage of the match with a break in the fifth game thanks to the power of Restivo and intelligent control of Di Nenno. Despite being the underdogs, Alfonso and Frugoni stayed in it until the ninth game, where a superb Restivo emerged to win three decisive points. It was 6-3 to Di Nenno and Restivo in just over half an hour. In the second set, Frugoni and Alfonso came closer to their opponents and stayed level until the twelfth game. With the tiebreak around the corner, Di Nenno and Restivo struck one last blow to win 7-5 in exactly an hour.

The last place in the round of 32 would come from the match between Lucas Bergamini - Lucas Campagnolo and Federico Chiostri - Gonzalo Salias. The young Argentine duo struggled to get into the match as they lost the first three games in just over seven minutes. Bergamini and Campagnolo dominated thanks to their control at the net. It took Chiostri and Salias four games to get off the mark. The Brazilians dominated the first set 6-2 after breaking in the final eighth game. Just 30 minutes had gone and everything looked clearly in favour of Horacio Álvarez Clementi's players. The match followed a similar pattern in the second set and the Brazilians won 6-3 in just under an hour and five minutes. And that's how the main draw for the Buenos Aires Padel Master was completed, with the first battles taking place on Tuesday.

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