Poggi-Muñoz are the first to win a place in the 1/8 round

Fernando Poggi and Jordi Muñoz had a difficult win in the opening day of the 1/16 round of the Estrella Damm Palma de Mallorca Open winning against Rubén Rivera and José García Diestro by 6/3, 4/6 and 7/5.

Poggi-Muñoz are the first to win a place in the 1/8 round

The first eight games of the 1/16 round are being played at the Palau Son Moix main court and the remaining four will be this afternoon at the club Pins Padel.


In the second game, Ramiro Moyano and Maxi Grabiel got rid of one of the debutant couples in the tournament, Gerard Company and Matías Nicoletti, by a double 6/3.

The third game that will have Gaby Reca-Juan Lebrón vs. Javier Concepción - Diego Ramos is about to start.


Beyond any doubt the best duel of the day will be the last one in Son Moix, when seeded couples number 8 and 9 face each other Aday Santana – Willy Lahoz vs. Marcello Jardim – Franco Stupaczuk.

Another four games will be played this afternoon at the club Pins Padel main court, with free entrance, starting at 4:30 p.m. with the game between David Gutiérrez – Javier Limones vs. Cristian Germán Gutiérrez – Antonio Luque.

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