Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera, ready to challenge the elite

Patty Llaguno and Virginia Riera, ready to challenge the elite

A pair with high sights is born for the 2021 course. Two players who played at the Estrella Damm Master Final are ready to present their candidacy among the great duets of this next season on World Padel Tour. Patricia Llaguno and Virginia Riera will share their destiny during this campaign.

Patricia Llaguno will begin this new journey after sharing a destiny for more than 9 seasons alongside Eli Amatriaín in an enduring history full of successes in the world elite. Now, one of the best players in history in her position is ready to face this new challenge. Imagination, versatility and inexhaustible ability to define, defend and counter attack. His great goal will be to blend in with his new partner as soon as possible and fight to maintain his status as one of the best couples on the women's circuit.

Virginia Riera begins this new journey after completing the last two seasons alongside Sofía Araujo. The past 2020 would be the year of his consecration among the best pairs on the planet. A few semifinals and 4 more appearances in the quarters, served the Argentine player to take part in her first teacher tournament. A success that the Chaco player aspires to validate alongside a world number one like Llaguno. Control, handling, touch and great capacity to maintain a high game flow from the drive. Their intelligence, competitive character and reading of the games will be at the service of that great goal that both have set for this 2021 course.

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