Paquito Navarro: "I'll be back in no time, diving head first for every ball"

The Spanish player is out of the hospital and counting the minutes to get back on court

Paquito Navarro:

Paquito Navarro was discharged from the hospital and wanted to send a reassuring message to his fans, as well as thank his fellow players: "I want to thank the Portuguese Federation, the World Padel Tour, my colleagues and the fans. I was unfortunate and it could have happened to anyone". Paquito is one of the standout players in world padel. Not a day has gone by in the last 25 years that he hasn't stepped onto a court: "It's not a dangerous sport. I've spent my life on a court and this has never happened to me. I've suffered an accident that could have happened to anyone".

Paquito is in a relaxed and calm mood. From the moment he went through the glass wall, he's had his dad, Federico Navarro, by his side. A doctor that is the talented player's biggest fan. Navarro went on to claim, "I'm doing better than you'd think, judging by the images. I'll be back soon, diving head first for every ball".

This scare won't wipe the smile off the joyous Andalusian's face: "Despite it being specatcular, I'm doing fine. ¡The scars are going to make me look harder!"






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