Paquito and Sanyo march into the semifinals

The number two seeds move on by knocking out Mieres and Lamperti

Paquito and Sanyo march into the semifinals

The third match of the day was a true spectacle between the number 2 and 5 pairings on the WPT rankings: Paquito Navarro - Sanyo Gutiérrez vs. Juani Mieres Miguel Lamperti.

Paquito and Sanyo show no cracks in the first set

Paquito and Sanyo got off to a flying start and stunned Lamperti and Mieres, who dropped the opening three games to the Andalusian and the Argentine. Despite an attempt to react from Gustavo Prato's men, that break was maintained throughout the set until Paquito and Sanyo won it 6-3.

Lamperti and Mieres force a tie break

Juani Mieres was struggling with a niggling injury and required treatment but still things were more even than in the first set. No one gave an inch and everyone held on to serve comfortably. Paquito and Lamperti's smashes got the fans off their seats, while Sanyo and Mieres controlled the tempo with the overwhelming quality. The set would be decided in a tiebreak, and Paquito and Sanyo ensured it was the last set of the match as they won 6-3 / 7-6 to reach the semifinals.

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