Paquito and Lima strike fear into the rest of the field

The Spaniard and the Brazilian put on a masterclass to knock out Stupaczuk and Gutierrez

Paquito and Lima strike fear into the rest of the field

There was one place left up for grabs in Sunday's final and it would be disputed between Franco Stupaczuk - Cristian Gutiérrez and Pablo Lima - Paquito Navarro. Franco and Cristian were hot coming into this one, after winning the Granada Open. To reach the final, though, they had to overcome a tremendous pairing in Paquito Navarro and Pablo Lima.

The match couldn't have started any better for Miguel Sciorilli's pupils. The number two seeds were sending the fans into raptures time and time again with their scintillating display of padel. A blend of magic, talent, power and efficiency gave them the first set 6-1.

Gutierrez and Stupaczuk came out to court after the interval looking to burst Navarro and Lima's bubble. They managed a break and also got the fans behind them with their effort. They went 4-1 but it wasn't enough of an advantage to seal the set. A tiebreak would determine if the match headed into a third set or if Lima and Navarro would reach the final in their first tournament together. Stupa and Cristian went up a minibreak but their advantaged faded and Navarro/Lima won the match to reach the final of the Bilbao Open (7-6).


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