Paquito and Lima get off to a strong start in Bilbao

Three powerful displays from the big guns in the afternoon

Paquito and Lima get off to a strong start in Bilbao

An exciting afternoon took place in Miribilla, with the world's best players in action at the Bilbao Open 2018The last four places in the quarter finals were up for grabs.

Díaz/Galán vs Gadea/Tamame

The session was up and running with Ale Galán and Matías Díaz against Nacho Gadea and Germán Tamame. Diaz and Galan broke to lead 3-2. Mati was solid and setting the tempo, while Galan's job was to finish off points, and this got them to 5-2. There was still a little way to go before closing the set, however, as Gadea and Tamame recovered one of those breaks. Still, Diaz and Galan kept their cool to serve it out and win 6-4. In the second set, the number 3 seeds were met with a much greater resistance from Gadea and Tamame and they posed problems until the eleventh game, when Diaz and Galan put an end to it. 7-5 was the final scoreline and it leaves Mariano Amat's pupils in the quarter finals.

Cepero/Nerone vs Sánchez/Gutiérrez

The world number one duo, Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchezbegan their campaign in Bilbao against a duo that is in the quarter finals for the second time this season: Álvaro Cepero and Sebastián Nerone. With the memories fo their Lisbon meeting still fresh, Sanyo and Maxi came out looking to gain control early on to stop Nerone and Cepero from doing what they do best. A break in the first game paved that path for the number one seeds, who closed out the set at 6-2. The world number ones had hit cruise control and completely crushed their opponents in the second set 6-0.

Díaz/Lebrón vs Capra/Moyano

The penultimate match of the day was a guaranteed spectacle: Juan Lebrón and Juan Martín Díaz versus Ramiro Moyano and Luciano Capra. Lebron and Diaz moved first, breaking in the third game. The endless talent these two players have is blending very well in the short tenure they've had as a partnership. Moyano and Capra found no way to hurt them in the first set and were down 6-2 before they could settle. Lebron and Diaz were enjoying themselves and pulling off some wonderful shots, helping them to start off the second set 2-0 up. Moyano and Capra's hopes of survival were running out and Lebron/Diaz hammered the final nail into the coffin to win 6-2 in an hour and 12 minutes.

Navarro/Lima vs Quiles/Grabiel

The day came to an end with the exciting prospect of seeing Pablo Lima and Paquito Navarro playing together for the first time, as Navarro appeared on court for the first time since his accident. Maxi Grabiel and Federico Quiles were their opponents. Lima and Navarro got their partnership off to a solid start with a break in the fourth game and a 4-1 lead soon after. They broke again in the sixth game and won the set 6-1 after half an hour. If there were any doubts about how they were going to gel, they were put to bed. In the second set it was more of the same and they won it 6-3. A message has been sent out to the rest of the field to look out for them.


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