Paquito and Lebrón disarm the numbers one for the first time

Second trophy for the Andalusians who also manage to beat Maxi and Sanyo for the first time

Paquito and Lebrón disarm the numbers one for the first time

The final of the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open in the men's draw faced again the two couples in best shape of the circuit: the two only couples that have raised a trophy WPT so far this season. Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez against Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón.

Four finals have already played these two couples face to face. The first three had been signed by the Argentine players but little by little Paquito and Lebrón have been adjusting their game and reducing distances. With these precedents it was not possible other than an equal content in each one of the disputed games, a synonymous of enjoyment for the spectators. With that parity it was reached to 5-5. Only small details could make a difference in the score. Those little details were dominated in the first round by the Andalusian couple who was going to lift the stands with a timely break in service in the eleventh game to put the 6-5 in his favor and grab the first heat with their service. (7-5)

The second chapter did not change the script. Equality remained the dominant tone until in the fifth game the 'Lobo' Lebrón and the 'Hurricane' of the Barrio de los Remedios dealt a new blow to the waterline of the hitherto impenetrable ship of the numbers one. Consolidating the 4-2 with its subsequent service forced the Gustavo Pratto guys to overcome the final to stay alive. It was an impossible mission for Sanyo and Maxi. Paquito and Lebrón were untied. The players of Ramiro Choya did not give opportunity to his rivals to discount that break of advantage and the 6-4 would go up to the scoreboard. First victory of Navarro and Lebrón over Maxi and Sanyo. Second title of the season for them. Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón, champions of the Alisea Ledus Jaén Open 2019.



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