Couples that will maintain their project for the 2019 season

Couples that will maintain their project for the 2019 season

In the anteroom of the 2019 season, we stopped to review how to face the course the pairs of the men's circuit, that those alien to the usual "couples dance" will keep their sport project intact. We refer to the binomials that will face the new course by the hand of their "old" partner. Maintain the commitment to the same project, trust once again in the team that has been formed, how to face the challenges of the 2019 season in World Padel Tour.

SAnyo Gutiérrez - Maxi Sánchez - Octavos Estrella de Levante Murcia Open

Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez

After his unforgettable season in 2018 in which the pair from San Luis achieved the number one in the world padel, Sanyo and Maxi will reissue their link with the goal of defending the World Padel Tour scepter. A year of enormous challenges that will test the strength and depth of a couple that in their second version together, has shown to have that degree of competitive maturity, so necessary to aspire to everything in the professional padel. Their numbers in 2018 speak for themselves, 8 titles, 12 final reached and an amount that borders on 14,000 points, make the Argentine pair in the pair to beat in 2019, where they will have the difficult task of fighting for that coveted number 1.

Pablo Lima - Fernando Belasteguín - CUARTOS_ESTRELLA_DAMM_MASTER_FINAL_2018_ 147

Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima

In this 2019, Bela and Lima will face what will be their fifth season as a World Padel Tour. After three years at the top of the world padel, last season was marked by the physical problems of Fernando Belasteguín. After losing the Zaragoza Open for a elbow injury, this injury would reappear with more harshness in the Victoria Mijas Open. At that time, the couple lived the reunion with their best version, scoring the tests of Valencia and Bastad consecutively. Four months in the dry dock deprived the duo of being able to fight for the one on the tracks. The best news for Bela and Lima came in the form of a spectacular reappearance with victory in the Estrella Damm Master Final. The couple will face one of the most attractive and difficult challenges that remained in their careers. 17 years later, Bela will seek to recover the throne of the world padel. In addition, have the advantage of being the duo that has been the the longest trajectory in the World Padel Tour.

Javier Ruiz - Uri Botello 2 - Dieciseisavos - Estrella Damm Alicante Open

Javier Ruiz and Uri Botello

No one can deny that 2018 was the year of the definitive explosion of Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz. At thirty, both players managed to enjoy their sports maturity, moving to the track the good feelings of this binomial, which began its journey through the 2017 season. In the past year, the duo trained under the command of Raul Arias, achieved unprecedented results in their respective careers. 4 semifinals in the big events, victories against the best couples in the world ranking, two titles of Challenger and his first ticket to the Estrella Damm Master Final, summarize a year that devoted the elite to the Spanish duo. The challenge will be to maintain that level in a 2019 that both face renewed illusions.

Juan Cruz Belluati - Pablo Lijó - Dieciseisavos - Bilbao Open 2018

Pablo Lijó and Juan Cruz Belluati

His relationship as a couple, dates from the last third of last season. Just a few tournaments together, demonstrated the enormous potential of the couple led by Severino Iezzi. The tremendous conditions for the punch and the definition of Pablo Lijó proved to match perfectly with the virtues of the "magic left of Liniers", Juan Cruz Belluati, reaches the new year after completing his best season as a professional. 2 final reached and with the accumulated experience of his second year in the super elite of the world padel. We expect many great things from this young pair of players who will look for results against the best pairs on the planet.

Lucas Campagnolo - Lucas Bergamini - Cuartos - Estrella Damm Zaragoza Open 2018

Lucas Campagnolo and Lucas Bergamini

After his first full season as a duo in World Padel Tour, the Brazilian pairing gave 2018 the great jump in the elite of the world padel. In less than a year, both members of the couple have gone from playing the previous phases of the big tournaments, to being in the last rounds of the most important dates on the calendar. An exponential growth that left the duo trained by Horacio Álvarez Clementi at the gates of the master tournaments and boasting that they are two of the players who have improved their rankings in 2018. The accumulated experience and the confidence gained will be part of the reinforcement of this couple facing a 2019 in which Brazilians want to prove that their past year is far from casual.

Tito Allemandi - Agustín Gómez Silingo - Octavos Estrella de Levante Murcia Open

Agustín Gómez Silingo and Adrián Allemandi

This pair of experienced players already know what it is to share track and successes during a course. It was in 2016 when both international 'albicelestes' were consecrated as one of the five best couples on the planet. The end of last year attended their reunion on the tracks. The sensations could not be more positive as both signed a great last third of the course. His final in the Buenos Aires Padel Master made it clear that this couple has a huge competitive fur. Reinventing, finding new weapons and keeping those good feelings of 2018 will be the challenges of Silingo and Allemandi who want to confirm in 2019 all the good that their last experience on the tracks left them.

Fede Chingotto - Juan Tello - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2018

Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto

The young pair of Argentine players checked in 2018 how hard it can be a season when Juan Tello's bad luck in the form of injury is fattened with a couple. Their year was from less to more, overcoming problems and lack of pace. When the health of "Gato" Tello was 100% again, the pair would find their best version of 2017, the one that left them at the doorstep of the teachers tournament. The last year there is a huge accumulated experience and two titles of Challenger for a binomial by whose hands passes much of the future of the best padel in Argentina. 2019 will be a year of vindication of the combative couple.

Santan Godo

Gonzalo Díaz and Aday Santana

His relation, already halfway through last season, brought together two experienced players who know what it is like to be a reference on the circuit. The punch and offensive arsenal of Aday Santana was joined by one of the most exquisite pure talents of the world padel, Gonzalo "Godo" Díaz. In the case of player from Buenos Aires, the new project entailed abandoning the setback to resume work on the drive. Thanks to the quality of his hand and his intelligence on the track, the conversion was increasingly positive and the couple already left some glimpse of the potential that both treasure. Their great challenge for 2019 will be to demonstrate that there is still glory ahead on the road for these two great professionals. The first step is to find their game again and once this happens, the ranking will surely do so too.

Víctor Ruiz - José Rico - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2018

José Rico and Víctor Ruiz

For the Spanish couple 2018 was a year of growth, of accumulating experience in the elite and of going to demolish some invisible walls for the duo. The punch and claw of Victor Ruiz, soon found accommodation next to a multi-faceted drive player whose defensive ability and brashness on the track continue to amaze. The binomial was step by step leaving behind the access phases of the big tournaments to be winning a place among the elite of the circuit. In its 2.0 version the pair will try to maintain their status and continue to win wins against couples with better rankings. A tough for a duo that each time the poster of surprise in the tournaments is smaller. His best result in 2018, a quarter final in the Estrella Damm Alicante Open, will be the road to be crossed for the coming year.

Álvaro Cepero - Seba Nerone. Octavos Cervezas VIctoria Mijas Open

Álvaro Cepero and Sebastián Nerone

This duo also began their linkage last season. After an erratic start to the season, both began to find together that rhythm and those good feelings on the track. The mobility and daring of a drive player like Álvaro Cepero found accommodation with a legendary player like Sebastián Nerone. The player from Buenos Aires put the experience and that capacity to adapt to any match, to maintain the course and with him, to maintain a high volume of game. The recipe took them to the quarterfinals of the Master of Portugal as the best result of a course that ended with a good taste of mouth. The duo will repeat this year from the beginning hoping that the good results arrive.

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