Padel school: The secrets behind Fernando Poggi's smash [Vídeo]

World Padel Tour invites you to a masterclass with the world champion  

Padel school: The secrets behind Fernando Poggi's smash [Vídeo]

Tournament after tournament, the best players in the world continue to offer spectacular moments and incredible shots. When they pull them off, it seems easy, but there's a hidden technique and plenty hours of training behind it. On World Padel Tour we invite you to discover some of the secrets behind Fernando Poggi's powerful smash. A legend on tour who's plied his trade as a professional for 20 years. A world champion who stands out because of his power. Find out the technique and keys behind his smash, a shot that has made him famous on tour and that the tall Argentine dominates like no one else. A tool that converts Poggi into an almost unbeatable player at the net. This is how one of the most feared weapons on tour works. Would you dare to try it?

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