"Not without my partner". These are the targets for the female duos remaining together

The top pairings on the women's tour stay together

With the 2018 season about to begin on the World Padel Tour, the increasingly demading women's tour has seen the strongest pairings continue together. Duos that maintain their faith in their project and want to give it all next season.

Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto

"The atomic twins" are on the back of their best season as professionals. Given their impressive curriculum, that is quite a statement. In 2017, Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto not only reconquered the number one spot but they took nine titles, including the Estrella Damm Master Final for the second consecutive season. They also held an impressive record of not losing a single match from the semifinals of the Santander Open until the Zaragoza Open, almost half a year later. The twins head into 2018 knowing that they're the pairing to beat and that they've set themselves a very standard if they're to equal or better what they accomplished in 2017.

Majo - Mapi Sánchez Alayeto - Semifinales - Estrella Damm Master Final 2017

Gemma Triay and Lucía Sáinz

No one can doubt that 2017 was the year they fully established themselves. Gemma Triay and Lucía Sáinz  took a big stride after winning their first title at the Granada Open. A sweet moment that they prolonged until Zaragoza, a tourmanent that they also won and which presented them as firm candidates at the top end of women's padel. Gemma and Lucia not only opened their tournament winning account but they also finished the year as the number two pairing in the rankings. They will be hoping for bigger and better things in 2018.

Gemma Triay - Lucía Sainz - Semifinales - Keler Bilbao Open 2017

Marta Marrero and Alejandra Salazar

Alejandra Salazar's serious injury at the Valladolid Open 2017 prevented Alejandra and Marta Marrero from playing together in 2017. A year in which they were defending their number one ranking. Marrero ended the year with Cata Tenorio, who she reached five finals alongside and helped her to keep a good ranking. The nightmare has ended for Salazar, who is only thinking of returning to the court. They've already proved in the past that they have what it takes to reign in this sport. In 2018, two of the best players in the world will be back together, under the guidance of Juan Alday. A pairing looking to make up for time lost.

Alejandra Salazar y Marta Marrero - Cuartos de final Estrella Damm Barcelona Master

Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez

They were the great sensation on the women's tour in 2018. Marta Ortega and Ariana Sánchez had the success on the professional tour that they'd enjoyed over the years on the junior tour. In the opening tournament of 2017, Marta and Ari won the Santander Open, becoming the youngest ever duo to do so. A big jump for this pairing, who also won the Murcia Challenger and made the final rounds of all the big tournaments. They reached the final of the Estrella Damm Master Final and will start next season as the number four pairing. They have no limit and are now considered as major candidates in their third season together on the World Padel Tour.

Ariana Sánchez - Marta Ortega - Semifinales - Estrella Damm Master Final 2017

Patty Llaguno and Eli Amatriain

After a hopeful start to 2017, when they reached the final of the Santander Open, Patricia Llaguno and Elisabet Amatriaín encountered plenty of ups and downs throughout the season. Neki Berwig's players tried to reinvent their style by adding a bit more pace and panache but they didn't find the result to accompany it. What they have proved over their several years together is that no one has their determination and grit. After losing their number four spot, Patty and Eli played to their full potential at the end of the season, proving that they're back and mean business in 2018.

Eli Amatriain - Patty Llaguno - Semifinales - Estrella Damm Master Final 2017

Victoria Iglesias and Teresa Navarro

They didn't start the season together but they ended strongly. Victoria Iglesias left Cata Tenorio's side and had to mature on her own on court. The youngster found a good partner in Teresa Navarrowho switched from the backhand court to the forehand to form a 100% Andalusian partnership. Bundles of power and determination come together in this project that pulled off a surprise to reach the semifinals of the Master Final. 2018 will be a year full of demanding targets for this young duo.

Teresa Navarro - Victoria Iglesias -Cuartos - Sevilla Open 2017

Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter

"Team C&C" is preparing for another season together on the World Padel TourCarolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter are two references in this sport. Last year they started working under Horacio Álvarez Clementi and are looking to find a new version of themselves. Carol and Ceci proved that they can beat anyone but they lacked that spark to close out matches. Not only do they have an enviable trophy cabinet but they're still hungry for success. In 2018 they will look to return to the final rounds of tournaments.

Carolina Navarro - Cecilia Reiter - Cuartos - Granada Open 2017

Alba Galán and Mari Carmen Villalba

This pairing will start the season on the World Padel Tour together again. After a tough 2017 for Alba Galán and Mari Carmen Villalba, they're looking for glory. A mix of power and quality from Galan and speed and energy from Galan was rewarded with the duo reaching the final of the Master Final. The target for 2018 will be to get past the quarter finals consitently.

Alba Galán - Mari Carmen Villalba - Octavos Granada Open 2017


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