New formulas in the quarter finals

Professionalism, good play and chance put together have pitted together former pairings in the quarter finals of the Mijas Challenger. We will find out which formula is the best this weekend.  

New formulas in the quarter finals

The only thing we can be sure of is that the top three seeds continue at the Joma Costa del Sol Challenger 2016Bergareche and Piñeiro, Godo Diaz and Lucho Capra and top seeds Stupaczuk and Quiles will play for a place in the semifinals this Friday.

Alvaro Cepero and Fernando Poggi had to pull out of the tournament after the latter picked up an injury after clashing into the glass with his elbow during a point. "Initially it looked like a common inflammation from this sport, but over time it evolved into a brachial plexus injury, which prevented him from being able to take part in this Challenger fully fit", explained Jordi Riba, a physio on the World Padel Tour. This allowed Cristian Calneggia and Miguel Oliveira, who had been knocked out by Eduardo and Javier Romero just a few hours before, to earn a place in the last sixteen.

It evolved into a brachial plexus injury
Jordi Riba, WPT physio

The quarter finals will solve a mystery: whether two pairs of players are better together or as rivals. Martin Sanchez Piñeiro and Jose Antonio Diestro played together until the end of 2015. Tjhey'll face each other in the quarter finals with their new partners. Another duo that will fight against each other in the quarter finals is Javi Ruiz and Gonzalo Rubio, Spanish Champions and winners of the World Padel Tour Barcelona Challenger.

Great pairings at the Joma Costa del Sol 2016 and different formulas to win. We will see which is best.

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