Navarro, Triay both win 20th World Padel Tour tournament in Cordoba

Both Gemma Triay and Paquito Navarro won their 20th tournament in World Padel Tour as both players took the Cordoba Open in their respective brackets

Navarro, Triay both win 20th World Padel Tour tournament in Cordoba

Both women's number one Gemma Triay and former men's number one Francisco Paquito Navarro have won their 20th World Padel Tour tournament with their respective wins at the Cervezas Victoria Cordoba Open.

While it was 'only' the second tournament win of the year for Navarro, Triay has now won five consecutive tournaments and eight in total in 2021.

She and her partner Alejandra Salazar are now 21 games unbeaten, the second-longest streak in female WPT history. Majo and Mapi Sánchez Alayeto set the record in 2017 with 30 straight wins.

Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay are on the second-longest winning streak in women's WPT history

Now is as good a time as ever to look back at both Triay and Navarro's careers, and see how they ended with 20 tournament wins.

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Navarro's 20 wins

Although Navarro has been a professional since 2009, the man from Seville never managed to win a major tournament in the pre-World Padel Tour era.

Alongside Argentinian Maxi Gabriel, Navarro took his first-ever win at the 2014 Valencia Master, followed up by victory in San Fernando later that year.

Navarro has taken at least one win in each of the last eight seasons. His best years in terms of victories were 2017 and 2019, taking five tournaments in both years with Carlos Sanyo Gutiérrez and Juan Lebrón respectively. He would end 2019 as the number one pair with Lebrón, who was the first-ever Spanish number one player.

Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón ended 2019 as the number one pair

Alongside his current partner Martín Di Nenno, Navarro is back to his best, reaching the last five finals and winning two, first the Barcelona Master and most recently, his 20th World Padel Tour tournament, the Cordoba Open.

Here is how Paquito's wins break down per partner:

  1. Sanyo Gutiérrez: 8 wins (2016-2017)
  2. Juan Lebrón: 5 wins (2019)
  3. Maxi Gabriel: 2 wins (2014)
  4. Pablo Lima: 2 wins (2018, 2020)
  5. Martín Di Nenno: 2 wins (2021- )
  6. Matías Díaz: 1 win (2015)

Only four male players have more World Padel Tour victories than Navarro, confirming he is one of the greatest to pick up a padel racket.

Triay's 20 wins

Triay did not turn professional until 2014, after taking part in tournaments sporadically in the year prior.

In 2016, the Menorca-born Triay teamed up with Lucía Sainz, a partnership that would quickly prove a winning one.

Reaching the Valladolid Open final in 2016, the Spanish tandem started winning in 2017. They won the Granada and Zaragoza Open, as well as reaching two finals.

Gemma Triay was voted best player in the women's World Padel Tour Circuit in 2017


After coming close in 2017 and 2018, Triay and Sainz finally reached number one status in 2020, winning four tournaments as well as the Master Final in Triay's native Menorca. It proved the pair's last tournament together, Triay switching to Alejandra Salazar.

Winning eight tournaments, 2021 is already by far Triay's most successful season, with the Swedish Open and Madrid Master Final to go.

Here is how Triay's 20 wins break down:

  1. Lucía Sainz: 12 wins (2016-2020)
  2. Alejandra Salazar: 8 wins (2021- )

Like Navarro, Triay is the fifth-most winningest player in the World Padel Tour era. First, with 36 tournament wins, is her team-mate, Salazar.

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