Navarro and Di Nenno, winners of the Barcelona Master 2021

Navarro and Di Nenno, winners of the Barcelona Master 2021

The men's final of the Barcelona Master 2021 was never going to disappoint, as fourth seeds Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello faced fifth seeds Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno.

The charismatic Chingotto and Tello had knocked out the world number ones Lebron and Galan in the semifinals. This was their third final of the year. It was a fourth final of 2021 for Navarro and Di Nenno. Neither pair had yet taken home a trophy, and both were desperate for a different outcome this time.

The final began with a break going Navarro and Di Nenno's way. Then another break followed in game three. Navarro and Di Nenno were on top; Chingotto and Tello were in trouble. The Argentinian pair reacted, but Navarro and Di Nenno stood firm, and took the first set 6-2.

Set two got underway with Chingotto and Tello pushing to turn the match around. A break in game four put them 3-1 up. Suddenly the momentum was with the number four seeds, and they weren't about to miss their opportunity. The set went to Chingotto and Tello 6-3, to set up a dramatic third set decider.

Both pairs were now operating at the very top of their games in a third set that was too close to call. A break in game six put Di Nenno and Navarro in front, 4-2. Chingotto and Tello saved the first tournament point in game eight, and then broke themselves in game nine, before Di Nenno and Navarro finally finished the job, taking the set 6-4.

An emotional first tournament win of the year for Di Nenno and Navarro, and the first of his career for Di Nenno. After three sets, in two hours and 29 minutes, Paquito Navarro and Martin Di Nenno, winners of the Barcelona Master 2021.

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