Milestones that will or could be reached in the 2023 World Padel Tour season

Milestones that will or could be reached in the 2023 World Padel Tour season

The 2022 World Padel Tour season went down as the biggest and most international season ever as the competition visited 12 countries and hosted over twenty tournaments.

2023 will break both of those records again with 27 tournaments in 14 countries, but can also see some incredible records being broken and landmarks being reached.

Alejandra Salazar is close to another eye-watering milestone, while Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan too are on the verge of even more greatness.


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Salazar's half-century

No things are set in stone. However, after a record-breaking 2022 with 12 titles, it is not outlandish to think Alejandra Salazar could win at least one more in 2023.

Should she do so, it would be her 50th title in World Padel Tour. Being the first woman to win her 40th title back in April of 2022, Salazar could be the first to reach the 50-title milestone in the upcoming season.

Behind Salazar, three players have 32 titles - her partner Gemma Triay as well as Atomic Twins Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto.

The two-time number one can also hunt down other records, streaks and milestones.

Firstly, Salazar and Patricia Llaguno are the only two players in the women's Circuit to have played in at least one final in all ten World Padel Tour seasons. Both could extend this to 11.

Salazar could also be the first woman to win a title in ten different seasons. 2017 is the only year she did not take any silverware as she suffered a season-ending injury in the final in Valladolid.

Mapi and Majo Sanchez Alayeto could also achieve this, having won the Torrent Challenger in 2022.


20 countries hosting World Padel Tour

2023 again is the biggest and most international season in World Padel Tour history.

It is not a coincidence this record keeps getting broken on a near-yearly basis, with the sport and WPT growing exponentially across the globe.

14 countries will host an Open or Master event in the upcoming campaign, with four new countries: Chile, Paraguay, Finland and Germany.

Germany will be the twentieth different country WPT plays an official event in. Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Austria all made their debut in 2022 already, and will all return for more in 2023.


Lebron and Galan: chasing greatness

Spaniards Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan have taken World Padel Tour by storm since forming after the 2019 season.

Lebron and Galan became the number ones in 2020, and have not let go of that title since then.

Now the three-time reigning champions, they could become the first couple to be at the top for four consecutive campaigns in the WPT era.

Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguin were at the top for three years running too between 2015 and 2017, but lost their crown to Argentinians Sanyo Gutierrez and Maxi Sanchez halfway through 2018.

No couple, male or female, has been the number one for four years running in World Padel Tour.

Should they achieve this in 2023, they will surely cement themselves as one of the most dominant couples to ever link up.

Individually, Lebron will fight for his fifth consecutive season at the top. This would equal Belasteguin in the WPT era since 2013. The Argentinian was the number one from 2013 to 2017 for five straight seasons - two with Juan Martin Diaz, and three with Lima.

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