Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres present their claim to the title

They defeat Stupa and Cristian in an hour and twenty minutes

Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres present their claim to the title

The last place up for grabs in the semifinals of the Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017 would be decided between Franco Stupaczuk - Cristian Gutiérrez and Miguel Lamperti - Juani Mieres.

The start of the match set the base of what the clash would be like. A devastating Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres's constant precision would put Stupa and Cristian against the ropes from the start of the set. Carlos Pozzoni's men only held onto serve once in the first set. By then they were already 5-2 down. Mieres closed the set on serve to make it 6-2.

The second set was marked by an exchange of breaks, as Stupa and Lamperti's powerful smashes weren't as lethal as usual. Five consecutive games went by with neither pairing holding onto serve. The first pairing to hold would take a huge step and that pairing was the duo from Bahia Blanca, who held onto serve in the sixth game. Juani Mieres was key in holding onto that lead against an erratic Cristian and Stupa. Mieres and Lamperti made no mistake and won 6-4 after an hour and 24 minutes to reach the semifinals and guarantee Mieres's presence at the Master Final.

The quarter finals came to a close at the majestic La Rural in the heart of Buenos Aires.

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