Miami round of 16 wrap-up: One of the upsets of the year!

All the top players have now officially started their 2022 World Padel Tour season as the men's Miami Padel Open 2022 round of 16 has reached its conclusion.

Miami round of 16 wrap-up: One of the upsets of the year!

All the top players have now officially started their 2022 World Padel Tour season as the men's Miami Padel Open 2022 round of 16 has reached its conclusion.

The eight matches on Thursday featured a massive upset

Navarro/Di Nenno (2) - Moyano/Belluati

The first men's match on Thursday saw the season debut for two-seed Paquito Navarro and Martín Di Nenno as they battled Ramiro Moyano and Juan Cruz Belluati at centre court.

Navarro and Di Nenno showed no rust from not having played for two months, immediately taking charge of the first set and sprinting to a 6-1 win.

The second set started at 2-2 when the number twos broke. After a short rain delay at 4-2, Navarro and Di Nenno broke again and won the match 6-1 6-2 after just over an hour.

Chingotto/Tello (5) - Cepero/Alba

Fifth seeded Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello played at the same time on court 2, facing Álvaro Cepero and Sergio Alba.

Winning the first set 6-4, things got complicated for the Argentinian Chingotto and Tello in the second set.

They were overwhelmed and lost 2-6, forcing a third set. In it, they persevered and took a 6-3 to book their place in the quarter-finals.

Belasteguín/Coello (7) - Botello/Lijó

Fernando Belasteguín and Arturo Coello continued their quest against Uri Botello and Pablo Lijó. Surprisingly, it was the latter who took control of the first set, winning it 4-6 after a lot of work.

Things changed in the second set, however, Bela and Coello tightening the screws and forcing a decider via a dominant 6-1.

That final set was again decided by the rankings' favourites, who got their break and sat on it to win 6-3 after almost two hours. Navarro and Di Nenno await in the next round.

Capra/Ruiz (8) - Semmler/Leal

The newly-formed pairing of Luciano Capra and Javi Ruiz continued to shine in Miami, this time against Miguel Semmler and Javi Leal.

Lucho Capra and Ruiz had no mercy from the start as they raced to a 6-1 win in the opening set, which was followed by a tighter affair in the second.

Semmler and Leal eventually were broken, however, and Capra/Ruiz won 6-3 to go through to the quarter-finals.

Lima/Sánchez (6) - Sanz/Lamperti

Former number ones Pablo Lima and Maxi Sánchez looked good in their first match as a pairing on Wednesday, and they did so again in the round of 16 against Jon Sanz and Miguel Lamperti.

Taking several early breaks, Lima and Sánchez got a 6-2 first set score in a relatively short amount of time.

Things got even steeper in the second set, where Sanz and Lamperti only mustered a single game in the entire frame. They were sent packing 6-2 6-1 by the rampant South Americans.

Stupaczuk/Ruiz (4) - González/Rico

Number four seed Franco Stupaczuk and Alejandro Ruiz played next on court 2, facing a tough duo in Momo González and Javi Rico.

While it was not made easy in the slightest, Stupa and Ruiz did get their first set advantage and held on to it, winning the frame 6-3.

The second set was more straightforward for the pair that won two tournaments in 2021, breaking twice and getting a lot of daylight between themselves and González/Rico. They won 6-3 6-2 and will face Tello/Chingotto next.

Tapia/Gutiérrez (3) - Ramírez/Arroyo

Centre court hosted three-seed Agustín Tapia and Sanyo Gutiérrez next as they played two 20-year-old Spaniards in Iván Ramírez and Alejandro Arroyo.

Ramírez played the drive position while usually a backhand, but the pair held their own nicely in the first set. Briefly taking the lead, Tapia and Sanyo quickly restored it and won the set by breaking at 5-4; 6-4.

Arroyo and Ramírez weakened as the sun set over Miami, causing the court to slow down as temperatures dropped. Tapia and Gutiérrez had fewer problems and won 6-3 in the second set. They will play Ruiz and Capra in the quarter-finals.

Lebrón/Galán (1) - Campagnolo/Garrido

The title defence for Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán started on Thursday against Javi Garrido and Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo.

In their typical hard-hitting style, Lebrón and Galán had a 5-1 lead in the first set before their opponents knew it. While they broke back, the number ones then broke once more to win 2-6.

The script was completely flipped in the second set, however, where Galán and Lebrón could not hold their own service a single time. Garrido was playing at an exceptional level in particular, Campa helping with his good defending and managing of rallies.

Taking that second set 6-1, tensions boiled over in the third set. In an incredibly intense match, Campagnolo and Garrido broke at 4-3 and had the kings at their mercy. They saw the match out and the 12th-seeded pairing caused what will surely be one of the upsets of the 2022 season.

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