Maxi Sanchez and Campagnolo to tackle 2023 together

2022 break-out player Campagnolo and former number one Sanchez will form a promising team.

Maxi Sanchez and Campagnolo to tackle 2023 together

Another new couple has been announced for 2023 as former number one Maxi Sanchez will partner up with Brazilian Lucas Campagnolo.

Sanchez and Campa both made a final with their respective team-mates in 2022 and should pack a punch in their newly-formed alliance.

Alongside Javi Garrido and then Jon Sanz, Campagnolo had the best season of his career in 2022. Sanchez had an up-and-down campaign, with Pablo Lima and Lucho Capra.

The 27-year-old Campagnolo has played on both sides of the court in the last campaign, but will stay on the right alongside one of the greatest left-hand sided players ever in Sanchez.

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