Marta Ortega and Bea González, when ambition does not understand age

Marta Ortega and Bea González, when ambition does not understand age

The youngest number one in the history of professional padel, Marta Ortega, will start a new sports project in 2020 with another very young player like Bea González. Their link to this upcoming World Padel Tour campaign will shape the youngest duo to be the seeded of the whole circuit.

In this way, the protagonists of this new duet announced their new adventure together:


Both components of the new duo, arrive after a great course 2019. Beatriz González would start the campaign playing next to Cata Tenorio to complete the cycle along with another emerging talent of the elite of women's padel, Delfina Brea. With the Argentine, they would arrive their first two titles as a professional in two Challengers. In addition, Brea and González would reach for the first time the semifinals of the Estrella Damm Master Final 2019. A year of growth and consolidation in the elite. A perfect platform for this devouring of precocious records of another step in its progression.

For Marta Ortega, the 2019 course will always be in her memory. Together with Marta Marrero, the player would raise 7 titles of great caliber to crown the top of the world padel. A record of precocity, another for Ortega, who became the youngest player in history to be number 1 with just 22 years. Her dream year that enshrines a meteoric professional career that now faces new challenges with the highest objectives.

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