Malmö Padel Open women's round of 16 sees another upset

Malmö Padel Open women's round of 16 sees another upset

The women's Malmö Padel Open round of 16 was contested on Thursday in Sweden, with another upset in the Circuit.

Seventh-seeded Aranzazu Osoro and Victoria Iglesias were already shockingly knocked out in the round of 32.

The round of 16 games were contested at both the Malmö Arena and the We Are Padel Club.

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Brea / Icardo (5) VS Pujals / Traviesa (6-1 / 6-2)

The first match of the day in the women's Malmö Padel Open round of 16 featured fifth seed Delfina Brea and Tamara Icardo, who took on qualifiers Sara Pujals and Nicole Traviesa.

Brea and Icardo showed the Swedish crowd tremendous padel, a level which was not replicated by their rivals. They broke at the first two times of action and took the opening frame 6-1.

While Pujals and Traviesa gave it everything in the second set, Brea and Icardo kept attacking. Again, multiple breaks went their way. This one finished 6-1 6-2 after just 45 minutes of action.

Virseda/Las Heras VS Castelló/Collombon (6-4 / 3-6 / 6-3)

The second game on Friday morning saw Jessica Castelló and French ace Alix Collombon played Verónica Virseda and Barbara Las Heras.

14th-ranked Virseda and Las Heras were in fine form after taking down seventh seed Osoro and Iglesias. They took their momentum into this match, taking it to Castelló and Collombon and breaking at the very start of the set.

This advantage proved to be enough, although there was a constant interchange of services being broken back and forth. A gold point decided the set, 6-4 to Virseda and Las Heras.

Castelló and Collombon responded excellently in the second set. They upped their play by a few notches and quickly took a 3-0 lead. While counter-broken, they restored their lead and took it 3-6 to force a decider.

That decider again was closely contested, and a single break was enough for Virseda and Las Heras to take home and book a ticket to the quarter-finals.

Alayeto / Alayeto (8) VS Brito / Sussarello (6-0 / 6-1)

Next were Mapi and Majo Sánchez Alayeto as the twins took on Nelida Brito and Giula Sussarello.

The Atomic Twins played like the padel greats they are, never giving their Argentinian-Italian opposition a chance.

Three straight breaks saw the Spanish sisters win 6-0 in the first set, and play with the same dominance in the second frame. Brito and Sussarello got a single game but could not slow down the former number one pairing.

It finished 6-0 6-1 to Mapi and Majo, who are through to the quarter-finals after less than an hour of play.

Riera/Llaguno (4) VS Fernández/Reiter (6-4 / 6-1 )

The second game at the We Are Padel Club saw fourth seed Virginia Riera and Patricia Llaguno battle against qualifiers Ana Fernández and Cecilia Reiter.

It was the latter pair who went on the offensive in the first set, pinning Riera and Llaguno back. The favourites did hang on to their service however, and pounced to break themselves. They won 6-4 in the first set.

Like they had broken the spirit of their rivals, or perhaps with them running out of gas, the second set was one-way traffic. Riera and Llaguno broke at will and closed this one out 6-1.

Triay / Salazar (1) VS Cañellas / Godallier (7-5 / 6-0)

The fifth game of the day saw the number ones making their tournament bow. Gemma Triay and Alejandra Salazar, after winning their fifth straight tournament in Cordoba and confirming number one status for 2021, took on Ariadna Cañellas and the French Léa Godallier.

A lot of pace and intensity was shown by both pairs to start the match off, the underdogs Cañellas and Godallier going at the queens of the sport. They broke at 3-3, but Triay and Salazar counter-broke immediately.

The number ones then got another break to put them up, and closed the set out 7-5. In the second set, things were much more easy for Alejandra and Gemma, who turned things up a notch.

Breaking all three times, they won 6-0, their 22nd straight victory as they continue to chase the record of 30 consecutive victories set by the Sánchez Alayeto sisters in 2017.

Ortega/ González (6) VS Piltcher/Canovas (6-0 / 6-1)

Marta Ortega and Bea González were up next as the sixth seed took on Raquel Piltcher and Noa Cánovas in the sixth match of the day.

In a match that was barely a contest, Ortega and González seemed in a rush as they blew their opponents out of the water from start to finish.

The first set was a sweep that finished 6-0, followed by another wash of their Spanish-Brazilian opposition as the second frame finished 6-1 to the popular young pairing.

Goenaga / Caldera VS Navarro / Amatriaín (6-4 / 3-6 / 7-6)

An excited Malmö Arena crowd was treated to a very good match to end the day as veterans Carolina Navarro and Eli Amatriaín took on Carmen Goenaga and Beatriz Caldera.

A lot of probing was done to start this match, things still all level until Goenaga and Caldera found an opportunity to break at 3-3. They held serve and won 6-4.

Navarro and Amatriaín responded like champions, taking it right to their rivals and getting the break they laboured for to make it 2-4. The favourites too saw out the set and forced a decider, winning 3-6.

In an epic third set that had three breaks of services on both sides, it went down to a tie break. The 15th-seeded underdogs took down the ninth-seed in it after two and a half hours of play to upset them 6-43-67-6.

Sánchez/Josemaría (2) VS Galán/Navarro (6-2 / 6-0)

The closing game on Thursday at the We Are Padel Club saw the two-seed Ariana Sánchez and Paula Josemaría take on Teresa Navarro and Alba Galán.

Navarro and Galán tried to dictate the pace in the first set, but it proved impossible. Sáncehz and Josemaría were the much better pair on the day, breaking with ease on multiple occasions to take a 6-2 in the first set.

More of the same came in the second, where Galán and Navarro had to do their best to not be swept. Sánchez and Josemaría, after making the final in Cordoba, showed no mercy however, and closed the game out with that sweep: 6-0.

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