Malmö is ready to host World Padel Tour for the first time

Malmö is ready to host World Padel Tour for the first time

The World Padel Tour season is nearing its conclusion, and this week marks the final tournament of the year that features both Circuits as it’s the last Open for the women - the Areco Malmö Padel Open 2021.

Sweden will host an Open for the third time but it will be the first time in Malmö. Båstad hosted the best Padel in the world on the previous two occasions the Circuit traveled to the Scandinavian country.

Now, the spectacular Malmö Arena is the venue for the only Open on Swedish soil this year.

Both current number ones in the world rankings, Gemma Triay and Juan Lebrón, were at the Arena for the presentation alongside Swedish player Simon Vasquez. 

Tournament director Urban Johansson and Areco Malmö Padel Open CEO Niklas Persson were also present for the ceremony.

From Wednesday onwards, the Malmö Arena will be hosting the final draw of the tournament and the very best Padel players in the world.

The qualifying rounds have been disputed at the Club WAP Skurup since Sunday.

25.000 Swedish fans will be witnesses to the World Padel Tour phenomenon and will be enjoying elite Padel in what will be a week for the history books.

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