Lima y Tapia, an explosive mix to aim to to the highest

The Argentinian an the Brazilian will work together in the upcoming season

Lima y Tapia, an explosive mix to aim to to the highest

It is undoubtedly one of the most ambitious sports projects of those who will be presented in 2021 in World Padel Tour. A former number one like Pablo Lima alongside one of the great yougn talents like Agustín Tapia. A duo formed to face the most demanding challenge of professional padel: fight for the number one. Pablo Lima's hard-hitting experience will give shelter to an emerging, magical and creative talent like Agustín Tapia.

Agustín Tapia lands in 2021 after finishing a stage of almost two campaigns side by side with a legend like Fernando Belasteguín. In 2020 Tapia achieved two titles, crowning himself as the youngest Master in history in the Estrella Damm Menorca Master Fina. An example of early maturity, talent and technique at just 21 years old. After being a partner of Juan Martín and Bela, now "El Mozart de Catamarca" is ready to show that his learning in the elite is enough to compete for the top of World Padel Tour. A genius will launch himself into the fight for number one with a man who knows that territory extremely well.

Pablo Lima starts this new stage after sharing destiny in 2020 with Paquito Navarro. His victory in the Cervezas Victoria Marbella Master would be his highest position in a year marked by lack of continuity and injuries, which cut him off from taking part in the Estrella Damm Menorca Master Final. Now Lima looks to the future to show that "El Cañón de Porto Alegre" has enough ammo to regain the crown. A total, powerful, serious and regular drive player who turns effort into art and who fights every ball to the end. The Brazilian is ready to go with all this 2021 assuming the pressure of his record and class in the best padel in the world.

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