Lima and Galán find the kryptonite

Lima and Galán find the kryptonite

It was an anticipated final. An authentic game started at 12:30 in La Fonteta with 5,147 spectators, the best entry of the season. The couple number 2 ranking, Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón, faced for a place in the final of the Estrella Damm Valencia Open 2019 with the number 3, the new duo Ale Galán-Pablo Lima.

The match began at an extreme speed. Quick points, impossible hits and spectacular shots were going to be the protagonists on the 20x10. Especially, on the side of the Spanish duo. With firm step and taking advantage of the disconnection of Galán and Lima, Paquito and Juan advanced quickly by that first set to finish with a resounding 6-1.

The reaction of Galán and Lima was not going to wait. They began dominating the second set and with a break in the second game, they distanced themselves in the score up to 3-0. But Juan and Paquito were not going to lower the arms, and recovering the break equaled in the sixth the score. Paquito and Lebrón again broke the service of their rivals, and responded in the same way Ale and Pablo. Tie four in the eighth and La Fonteta started to burn. Excitement in the last sighs of a set that was going to end on the side of a Galán and a Lima in heroes mode. 7-5 and for the third and final episode

Lima and Galán prolonged their good run at the start of the set, and defended their service in the first game. The Spanish tied in the following, but with a totally disconnected Paquito and a Juan committing a lot of errors, his rivals took advantage to impose and consolidate the comeback. 6-1 for Ale Galán and Pablo Lima, who will play their first final.

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