Kings of the North

Bela and Lima beat Paquito and Juan Martín 6-2/3-6/6-3 in front of over 2000 people

Kings of the North

The last hurdle to become the champion in Bastad. The big final on centre court of the Euro Finans Swedish Open would be between two pairings that have got the Swedish fans on their feet all week long. Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima versus Paquito Navarro and Juan Martín Díaz.

The world number one pairing started the match looking to demonstrate to the Scandinavian faithful why they hold their privileged position and they got two consecutive breaks. At 4-1 in the blink of the eye, the rest of the set was a mere formality. In half an hour, Miguel Sciorilli's playrs took the first set 6-2.

Paquito Navarro and Juan Martin Diaz were well aware that this final deserved to see their best version. A version that got them this far. And they showed more than that, giving Bela and Lima a taste of their own medicine with two successive breaks. This was enough for them to win the set 6-3 and give the over 2000 fans a much anticipated third set.

With a set apiece and everything to be decided, the third set started with the number one seeds breaking in the opening game. 3-0 was how they landed into the set and from then on it was all about working hard to ensure they held onto their advantage. Paquito Navarro and Juan Martin Diaz tried everything possible to stay in the final. The effort made by both pairings was commendable but there could only be one winner, and it would be Bela and Lima who took the set 6-3. The first tournament in Scandinavia has its first winners. Fernando Belasteguin and Pablo Lima ar the Kings of the North. The Champions of the Euro Finans Swedish Open.



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