Juan Lebron makes history!

Juan Lebron makes history!

One of the best confrontations of the current scene was to occupy the first semifinal of the Sao Paulo Padel Open. One of the tightest and most exciting duels of the circuit, at a key moment of the season. The face to face between the couple 2 of the world, Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebrón, who with a victory became the first Spaniards to occupy the world throne, and Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia, the number 4 in the ranking.

Belasteguín and Tapia began with better sensations and taking advantage of the initial mistakes of the Andalusians, were placed in front on the scoreboard with the first break of the game. But immediately Lebrón and Navarro recovered the lost, who woke up to tie the match. Maximum equality in those last bars of the first set, which had to be decided in the tie break. A sudden heart attack that ended 9-7 for Argentines.

In the second set, equality again seized the track and none of the duo was going to be able to break the service of their rivals. So much so that in the twelfth game, the tables looked on the scoreboard and once again, everything was going to be decided in the tie break. This time, it was the Andalusians who managed to prevail and force the third episode.

Much more decisive began Paquito and Juan the third episode, and an early break allowed them to take control of the game. Although in the last breaths of the tie the Argentines managed to break the serve of the Spaniards, they responded in the same way to close the set with a 6-4. A victory that in addition to giving them the pass to the final, directly places Juan Lebrón at the top of the ranking and makes him the first number 1 born in Spain in the history of WPT.

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