Japan makes history in WPT: Daisuke Shoyama will debut in Valladolid

He is 43 years old and will become the first Japanese player to play in the Circuit

Japan makes history in WPT: Daisuke Shoyama will debut in Valladolid

The Valladolid Master 2019 will be a very special tournament. A tournament that will enter the history of World Padel Tour as the first in which a Japanese player jumps to the track of the best padel circuit in the world. His name is Daisuke Shoyama and he was born on November 3, 1975 in Yokohama (Japan). Champion of the Final Master of the Japan Padel Tour two years in a row (2018-2019), of the Asian Cup 2019 after defeating teams from different countries such as Australia or Qatar, and monitor padel in his country, Daisuke has been practicing this sport for three years.

"It was an illusion that was becoming reality little by little. He started playing in 2016, joined the national padel circuit in 2017. Then, little by little, it was emerging the idea that one day he could play outside of Japan and win internationally ", reveals Koji Nakatsuka, President of the Japanese Padel Federation, about the player's beginnings in WPT. Koji also reveals more personal details of the player: "He is one of the few monitors who only teach padel, since many monitors are dedicated to training padel and tennis at the same time. He likes reading and writing, and has a Japanese blog that it's very successful among fans, since it's a padel blog. "


The President of the Japanese Federation also takes the opportunity to warn his rivals: "The opponents will have to wet their shirts to win. He is a very intelligent player, observes and studies the rival a lot, his qualities are adaptation, not rushing and when he has to change the rhythm, change it. His strengths are defense, prepare the play defending and stealing space from the opponent", tells about the game of Daisuke.

He will debut in WPT with a Spanish player, Hugo García. A union that began to take shape two years ago: "He is a player he has known for a long time. In addition, his coach, Maximo Castellote, is the mentor of the monitors of the Japan Padel Association, so we have a very good relationship with them. He traveled four times to Madrid to train in these two years", says Koji. Many years of work that this Saturday will get his reward in Valladolid: "The first goal is to win the first game and then go as far as possible. He is very motivated, he wants to fight all the balls and show that there is a path positive to young Japanese players who want to follow him" concludes Koji Nakatsuka.

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