An unpublished and historic final was going to close the Victoria Mijas Open Beers 2019. A confrontation between a couple who does not know the defeat in the seven games they have played together, the one formed by Ale Galán and Pablo Lima, and another that landed in the last instance of the tournament becoming the youngest in history to do it: Coki Nieto and Javi Rico.

Very close started the final, and firm in their serve were advancing by the first set both couples. Nieto and Rico maintained the pulse to perfection to the couple 3 in a battle that, on more than one occasion, raised the stands of the Fairground of Cala de Mijas. In the twelfth game, the tables looked on the scoreboard. Everything to decide in a tie break identical to the rest of the set, very tight. But fortune fell on the side of Galán and Lima.

Supported in impeccable defensive work, Nieto and Rico managed to stay very close to their rivals, and during the first games the beginning of the first set was repeated. But in this case, a break of Galán and Lima in the ninth, was going to be definitive. 6-4, set and match for Alejandro Galán and Pablo Lima, who are still inventible and raising their second title.

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