Hungry for the crown!

Maxi and Sanyo will fight for their sixth title of the season

Hungry for the crown!

Quedaba un billete en juego para la final del Oeiras Valley Portugal Padel Master.

Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres awaited their opponents from the clash between Maxi Sánchez - Sanyo Gutiérrez and Uri Botello - Javi Ruíz. The Argentine duo was pushed all the way in the quarter finals and were in no mood for another long tussle. Sanchez's physique and control was creating a whirlwind of padel for which Uri and Javi had no response. The first set went 6-1 to the Argentines.

Arias's boys played much differently in the second set. Botello regained his control and Ruiz displayed what he's shown all season long. Sanyo and Maxi had to push up another gear but this time their opponents kept with them. But Gutierrez and Sanchez were in phenomenal form and broke late on to win 6-4 and seal their place in the final.

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