How the men's World Padel Tour rankings changed during 2021

A breakdown of 2021's biggest gainers across the top 50 of the men's World Padel Tour rankings compared to their finishing position in 2020.

How the men's World Padel Tour rankings changed during 2021

The 2021 season is in the wraps. A campaign that once again gave padel fans around the world all the high-octane action and quality they would want, and a lot of battles in the men's World Padel Tour rankings.

During the season, with players' and pairs' forms ebbing and flowing, the standings changed substantially. From the very top of the standings to lower down, here is an analysis of how the table interchanged over 2021 on the men's side of things.

The number ones Alejandro Galán and Juan Lebrón finished the season where they started it - at the very top, although they got ran close by the end of the year.

Below them, Martín Di Nenno climbed the most places compared to 2020; the young Argentinian rose a whopping 16 places, now sitting at joint-third with his partner Paquito Navarro.

Another big gainer in the top ten is Alejandro Ruiz. Having never made the final of an Open before 2021, the Spaniard made five in the past season alongside Franco Stupaczuk, winning the Sardegna and CDMX Open.

This leaves Captain America joint-seventh, ten places higher than he was at the end of 2020. Ruiz unquestionably had his best season as a professional in 2021, and will aim to finish the following campaign even higher up the table.

The man from Málaga has 7.555 points, ending the year with an Estrella Damm Master Final semi-finals appearance.

Finally, Agustín Tapia is the final gainer in 2021 compared to his finishing position in 2020. The Wizard of Catamarca won three tournaments in 2021, two with Pablo Lima and one more with now-partner Sanyo Gutiérrez.

The Argentinian, who is still only 22 year old despite being at the top for several years, is now sixth in the rankings - one place higher than the year prior.

Looking down the World Padel Tour men's rankings

Outside of the top ten, a notable riser is Luciano Lucho Capra. The Argentinian, who won the Valladolid Master 2021, moved up 17 spots in the rankings to end the year in 13th.

Other break-out stars in 2021 are teenager Arturo Coello, who joined forces with Fernando Belasteguín mid-season. Jumping 16 places, Coello cracked the top 16 and made his Master Final debut alongside Bela.

Youngster Javi Garrido catapulted up 18 places, leaving the 21-year-old in 20th, but he is not the biggest gainer in the top 20.

That would be Mike Yanguas. A teenager, who remarkably made the CDMX Open semi-finals with Miguel Lamperti, rose a whopping 35 places to find himself 19th.

Looking down at the rest of the top 50, another Spanish teenager Javi Leal was a remarkable story in 2021. The 18-year-old finds himself 36th now in the rankings, an eye-watering 100 places higher than his finishing position in 2020.

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