How the men's Master Finals ended in recent years

How the men's Master Finals ended in recent years

On Thursday, December 16th, the Estrella Damm Master Final 2021 gets underway at the Madrid Arena.

The final tournament of every season, the Master Final is the most coveted title of them all as only the very best players are allowed to compete in it. The event is synonymous with unforgettable moments and iconic imagery.

As a reminder of what happened in recent years in the men's Circuit, here are the winners of every Master Final since 2017 and how they won!

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Estrella Damm Master Final 2017

The Estrella Damm Master Final 2017 was the first one with the new World Padel Tour format which places all top 16 players in the quarter-finals.

In the men's Circuit, the grand finale saw Mati Díaz and Maxi Sánchez face undisputed number ones Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima.

Díaz and Sánchez had beaten Juan Cruz Belluati and a young Alejandro Galán in the quarter-finals and Miguel Lamperti-Juani Mieres in the semis. Bela and Lima, who were number ones for the fifth straight year in 2017, beat Maxi Grabiel and Álvaro Cepero in the quarters and Cristian Gutiérrez-Franco Stupaczuk in the semis.

In the final, the winningest pair in World Padel Tour history Bela and Lima were dominant. Beating Díaz and Sánchez 6-3 6-2, they crowned themselves as champions.

Estrella Damm Master Final 2018

The Madrid Arena hosted the Master Final in 2018, as it will in 2021. In the men's tournament, Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima were again in the final, despite losing their place as number ones - Bela had been number one for 16 consecutive years. On their way to the final, they first beat Miguel Lamperti and Juani Mieres in the quarter-finals and then Bela's former partner Juan Martín Díaz and Juan Lebrón in the semis.

2018's new number ones Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez were their opponents, having dispatched Gutiérrez and Stupaczuk in the quarters and Díaz and Galán in the semis.

The final itself was a close affair, a tie-break deciding the first set 7-6 to Bela and Lima. The South Americans then closed out the final 6-3 in the second frame.

Estrella Damm Master Final 2019

2019 saw the biggest-ever live crowd, a record that still stands to this day, as over 9.500 people filled out the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona for the Estrella Damm Master Final.

The men's final saw Pablo Lima and Ale Galán take on Argentinians Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia. Lima and Galán beat Stupaczuk and Díaz in the quarter-finals and Sanyo Gutiérrez-Maxi Sánchez in the semis. Bela and Tapia had beaten Agustín Gómez Silingo and Juani Mieres in the first round and 2019's number ones Paquito Navarro-Juan Lebrón in the semi-finals.

Lima and Belasteguín of course know each other inside out. They had only split up earlier that year, and the final between them was spectacular. Lima and Galán took the first set after a tie-break, and then the second 6-3. Pablo Lima and Alejandro Galán were the Maestros in Barcelona.

Estrella Damm Menorca Master Final 2020

After a difficult year for everyone because of the pandemic, the Estrella Damm Menorca Master Final in 2020 still delivered in the best fashion possible.

The final pipped the newly crowned number ones, Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán, against the challengers Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia.

Lebrón and Galán, who still are the number ones today, beat Uri Botello and Javi Ruiz first and Martín Di Nenno-Maxi Sánchez in the semis. At the other side of the draw, Bela and Tapia beat Paquito Navarro and Javi Rico, who only played together for this tournament, and Sanyo Gutiérrez-Franco Stupaczuk in the semi-finals.

The final game of the season, Belasteguín and Tapia were reduced to tears as they took down the young number ones 6-3 7-6 in an enthralling final.

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