#GalaWPT2019: The best point of the year 2018 has a Swedish accent

We remember this wonder with the signature of 4 of the best players in the world

#GalaWPT2019: The best point of the year 2018 has a Swedish accent

During the past year, World Padel Tour continued to make history in professional padel. For the first time, the circuit arrived in Sweden, in Bastad, for the celebration of the first Open in Nordic lands. The Euro Finans Swedish Padel Open 2018 will not only go down in history for this fact, nor for being a resounding success in an unprecedented edition. Neither the assiduous visit of Prince Carlos Felipe of Sweden. This event will be remembered because in the final of the tournament we attended the Best Male Point of the Year 2018. Four geniuses on the track, Pablo Lima and Fernando Belasteguín against Juan Martín Díaz  and Paquito Navarro. The result was this wonder of the padeL. A jewel of this sport that has surely remained in the memory of many fans.

This monumental point and its four protagonists will have the well-deserved recognition at the Gala Presentation of the 2019 season of World Padel Tour to be held on Wednesday March 13 at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee.

So we live it and we tell it from Bastad with the great Rodrigo Ovide, since then "Ovidensson" in the comments:

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