#GalaWPT2019: Bea González will win the Revelation Player Award

The player of only 17 years became the sensation of the female circuit and played the Estrella Damm Master Final

#GalaWPT2019: Bea González will win the Revelation Player Award

There are few examples of precocity in professional sports that resist the comparison with the case of Bea González. The player from Andalucía began in 2018 her third year in the elite, only 16 years. From the hand of Cata Tenorio, the last course was the definitive explosion of one of the jewels of the Spanish and international female padel.

This transition from promise to reality, led the player to reach 3 semifinals in the big events and achieve a place in the Estrella Damm Master Final. A meteoric rise that has placed her among the 16 best players of the World Padel Tour circuit. A more than deserved winner of the Revelation Player of 2018 Award, which Bea González will receive at the Gala Presentation of the World Padel Tour season at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee that will take place on March 13. The player joins the list of winners Ariana Sánchez and Alba Galán, who won in 2017 and 2016 respectively.

Here is one of the multiple examples of the irruption of Bea González in the elite of the female padel:



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