Former number one Seba Nerone announces retirement

A five-time world champion with Argentina, this Seba Nerone retirement will mean he will be collaborating more closely with World Padel Tour

Former number one Seba Nerone announces retirement

Five-time world champion and former number one Sebastián Seba Nerone has announced his retirement from padel.

The Argentinian, who has played alongside the likes of Sanyo Gutiérrez and Alejandro Ruiz, is one of the most important and legendary figures in padel history.

He will hang up his padel racket after 25 years of playing padel at the highest level. Nerone was part of five world championship-winning teams with the Argentinian national team.

Most famously, he was number one in 2001 alongside Gabriel Gaby Reca. The Argentinian tandem remained intact until 2007 and would reunite in the World Padel Tour era for 2014 and 2015.

After over two decades of playing at the highest level, Nerone has announced he will retire from professional padel.

The moment has arrived. It was a badly kept secret already, and it's time to make it official. These upcoming tournaments will be the last ones I'll be playing. I'm leaving with the feeling I've given it everything. I have nothing left.
Sebastián Nerone, talking to World Padel Tour on his decision to retire

Check out the retirement announcement video. Note: Spanish

Final tournaments before Seba Nerone retirement

Before 45-year-old Nerone makes his final bow, he will feature in two more tournaments this season.

First, on November 2nd at Club Rivapadel in Madrid, Nerone will compete in the qualy rounds for the Mexico Open.

Born in Buenos Aires in June of 1976, Nerone's final tournament will be in his hometown. He has been given a Wild Card for the Buenos Aires Master at the end of November, where he will play alongside his old team-mate Maxi Grabiel.

They will face Antonio Fernández and José Antonio Diestro, the 18th-ranked pair, in the round of 32.

This Seba Nerone retirement also comes with good news, however. He has already been working with World Padel Tour as the co-commentator for the Spanish feed during most Opens and Masters, and the Argentinian will be collaborating even more closely after his retirement.

Happy retirement, Seba!


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