First shock defeat in Mexico in early CDMX Open R32 games

The final draw of 2021's final Open has gotten underway with the CDMX Open R32 fixtures already giving us our first big upset on Wednesday.

First shock defeat in Mexico in early CDMX Open R32 games

The final draw of 2021's final Open has gotten underway with the CDMX Open R32 fixtures already giving us our first big upset on Wednesday.

One of the three top eight seeds that were in action in the early slate of games saw their tournament come to a shocking end already.

With 12 games on in the first day of the tournament (the top four seeds automatically qualify for the round of 16) here is what happened in the first six matches.

Oria/Arroyo VS Ruiz/Stupaczuk (5)

The first game at centre court saw the five-seed in action as Alejandro Ruiz and Franco Stupaczuk faced Salva Oria and Alejandro Arroyo.

Being the highest-seeded pair in the CDMX Open R32, Stupa and Ruiz broke at the very first time of asking. They controlled the tempo of the game. After an epic back-and-forth that saw both duos breaking two times in a row, Stupaczuk and Ruiz took the first set 6-3.

The two Valencians Oria and Arroyo tried to force a third set, taking a break's advantage in the fifth game. This would spark a reaction from the Sardinia Open winners, however, who broke two times in a row. Stupaczuk and Ruiz won this one 6-3, 6-4 after an hour and 15 minutes.

Martín/Lijó VS Bergamini/Ruiz

Court 2 of the Centro Libanés in Mexico City hosted Juan Martín Díaz and Pablo Lijó, who squared off against Brazilian Lucas Bergamini and Spaniard Jorge Ruiz.

It was the Brazilian-Spanish tandem Bergamini and Ruiz who got out of the blocks quickest, breaking in the second game. Lijó and Martín could not get on level terms, and were broken again at the end: 6-3.

In the second set, Martín and Lijó were determined to hold their service. They went ahead not once but twice, but Bergamini and Ruiz always found a way back. They lost control in the second half, and were finally broken. This game finished 6-3 6-3 to Bergamini and Ruiz, who are through to the round of 16.

Leal/Rico VS Sánchez/Capra (7)

Next up were the seventh-seeded Maxi Sánchez and Luciano Capra, who faced Javi Leal and Josete Rico.

Despite being the big underdogs as the 17th seed, Leal and Rico broke twice early in the first set. However, Valladolid Master winners Sánchez and Capra got the score back to 5-5, only for their opponents to break for a third time. Leal and Rico won 7-5.

As if they were made angry, Buenos Aires Padel Master quarter-finalists Maxi and Lucho steamrolled the second set. Dominating play, they broke twice with ease. With 1-6 on the scoreboard, they seemed to have momentum on their side heading into the decider.

In the final frame, things were very levelled again. After a cautious start to the set, Sánchez and Capra struck in the seventh set, breaking to make it 4-3. Surprisingly, Leal and Rico got the break back at the death, making it 5-5. In what turned out to be the final game of the match, Javi Leal and Josete Rico broke service once more to make it 7-5 and upset a pair that outranks them by 10 positions. After two hours and 15 minutes, this match finished 7-51-67-5.

CDMX Open R32 Leal and Rico caused the first upset in the CDMX Open R32

Silingo/Sanz VS Sans/Fuster

The second game on court two saw 21st seed Jon Sanz and Agustín Silingo play against the 29th seed in Antón Sans and Christian Fuster.

Despite being qualifiers, Sans and Fuster were very much in charge in the first set. Leaving Sanz and Silingo in the dust, the two Spaniards broke on multiple occasions to conquer the opening set 2-6.

In the second set, Silingo and Sanz reacted. They returned the favour to their rivals, working hard every point and doing the breaking themselves this time: 6-2.

In the final frame, things were more levelled than ever, but there had to be a winner eventually. Silingo and Sanz were the first ones to draw blood, breaking at the perfect time as it won them the match. Winning 6-4, they secured passage to the round of 16.

Lima/Ruiz (8) VS Campagnolo/Garrido

Arguably the best CDMX Open R32 match on Wednesday came as two Brazilian-Spanish combinations faced off, with Pablo Lima and Javi Ruiz on one side and Lucas Campagnolo-Javi Garrido on the other.

Both pairs held their service well at the start of the match, which was cautious. In the final leg of the set, it was Garrido and Campagnolo who showed more grit and grind, breaking the favourites' service and winning 3-6 in the first set.

Lima and Ruiz struggled to get out of first gear initially but got going in the second set. The eighth seed broke in the fourth game and won the second act of this match, forcing a third set with a 6-3.

In the final set, Lima and Ruiz broke straight off the bat. Not being able to respond all set, Campagnolo and Ruiz finally broke back when their opponents were serving for the match. Forcing a tie break, Lima and Ruiz were much the better side. After two and a half hours, they won 3-6 6-3 7-6.

Yanguas/Lamperti VS Martínez/Zaratiegui

The final game in the early games saw the two Miguels, Miguel Yanguas and Miguel Lamperti, face tricky opposition in Iñigo Zaratiegui and Javier Martínez at court 2.

The name of the game in the first set was breaking and counter-breaking. After several back-and-forths, Martínez and Zaratiegui held their advantage to make it 4-2. They then broke service again, ending it 2-6.

In the second set, the Mikes had to turn things around to stay alive and did. Yanguas and Lamperti took a 3-0 lead, but then lost control as their Spanish opposition drew level. With a final push, the two Miguels broke at the very last opportunity and won 7-5.

All the momentum had swung Yanguas and Lamperti's way in the third frame after their hard-fought second set victory. Putting Zaratiegui and Martínez under pressure constantly, they broke at will and took returned the favour from the first set. Winning 6-2, Yanguas and Lamperti stayed alive in the CDMX Open R32.

CDMX Open R32 Miguel Lamperti had to block the shining sun in the CDMX Open R32

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