Fede Quiles and Tito Allemandi: Episode II

A feisty pairing looking to find a new version in 2018

Fede Quiles and Tito Allemandi: Episode II

After having played together for a brief period in early 2017, Adrián Allemandi and Fede Quiles are back together for 2018. In their last adventure together they reached two quarter finals in three tournaments. After going separate ways after the Estrella Damm Barcelona Masterboth players had up to two different partners until the end of the season. A duo full of character, with ups and downs but the right tools to compete at the very best. In 2017 Federico Quiles played with Jordi Muñoz, who helped him to win the Murcia Challenger, and also with Marcello Jardim. He ended the season on 2085 points in 23rd place.


Meanwhile, Adrian Allemandi went on to play two tournaments with Ramiro Moyano before ending the season with Juan Lebrón. The Argentine international and world champion reached up to 8 quarter finals last season and earned 2325 points to finish the season 20th. Allemandi came within touching distance of the Master, an event he's been a regular presence at, given that his consistency and competitive edge have characterized him over the years.

The pairing will be coached by Ramiro Choya who, after leading Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez to five titles last year, now faces the challenge of bringing out all the talent this Argentine pairing has to offer.


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