Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello to go separate ways after seven seasons

Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello to go separate ways after seven seasons

Long-time partners Juan Tello and Federico Chingotto have announced they are to separate later this season after over seven campaigns together.

Chingotto and Tello became Argentinian champions together before moving to Spain to compete in World Padel Tour in 2016, where they slowly rose to the top of the rankings.

They reached a total of seven finals, most recently at the Estrella Damm Barcelona Master 2021.

The Cat and Mouse's first and only win so far, besides two Challengers in 2018, came at the Cupra Las Rozas Open 2020.

Rising through the ranks

The longest-standing partnership in the men's Circuit, Chingotto and Tello first started competing in World Padel Tour in 2016.

Slowly but surely, results started improving. It started by making the main draw, then reaching the odd round of 16 in that season.

The Argentinians would make a leap in 2017. They would not only make their first-ever quarter-finals at the 2017 Valladolid Open, but they would even do one better. To this day, Chingotto and Tello are the only couple to make the semi-finals of an Open or Master starting from qualifying.

Chingotto and Tello would reach several more semi-finals that season and two more in 2018. The young Argentinians would taste victory for the first time, winning both the Paris and Arroyo Challengers that year.

The Portugal Master of 2019 was when they would finally take the next step and reach the final. In it, Alejandro Galán and Pablo Lima were too strong, but gaining strength is exactly what Tello and Chingotto kept doing as they continued to come of age.

2020 was the year where they cemented their place at the top. Beating Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán in the Las Rozas Open semi-finals, Chingotto and Tello won their first Open without playing the final as Pablo Lima suffered an injury. Albeit without winning the final, Chingotto and Tello had put themselves on the map.

2021 would be the year where they finished in their highest-ever position, the four-seed. Making three finals, as they did in 2020, the Cat and Mouse were consistent and always difficult to beat.

This is how the pairing of Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello will be remembered. The tricky Argentinians who could beat anyone on their day. Who complimented each other so well. Who were inseparable in and outside of the court.

World Padel Tour fans will always remember Chingotto and Tello.

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