Favourites by definition: The eight pairings that will start 2018 as seeds

Get to know the top 8 pairings at the start of the 2018 season on the World Padel Tour

Favourites by definition: The eight pairings that will start 2018 as seeds

The start of the 2018 season on the World Padel Tour is just around the corner. Keeping in mind the changes in pairings, it's a good moment to take a look at the hierarchy and the pairings that will kick off the campaign as seeds. Take a look at the favourites for 2018:

1 Fernando Belasteguín and Pablo Lima


This will be the number one pairing's fourth season together. This is the duo to beat. Although it hasn't been easy to keep their spot at the top, especially last year when they had to wait until the penultimate tournament of the season to confirm their yer-end number one ranking. In 2018, this padel machine will once again look to dominate the World Padel Tour.

2 Daniel "Sanyo" Gutiérrez and Maximiliano Sánchez

Maxi Sánchez y Sanyo Gutiérrez marcan en el paso en el Estrella Damm Masters Finals

The duo from San Luis will share the court once again after a two year hiatus. Sanyo Gutiérrez and Maxi Sánchez will be the world number two pairing and will have to manage the pressure that comes with the expectations surrounding them. A 2.0 version of Sanyo and Maxi  that is looking to relive their glorious past and build an ambitious future together. Magic, power and entertainment all in one.

3 Paquito Navarro and Juan Martín Díaz


After a year on the sidelines, the legendary Juan Martín Díaz is back on tour and teams up with one of the best players on the planet, Paquito Navarro. The Andalusian won 5 titles with Sanyo Gutierrez last year, while Juan Martin's protected ranking will enable him to start the year as one of the hot favourites. A mixture of talent hardly ever seen which will look to take on the best players in the world.

4 Franco Stupaczuk and Cristian Gutiérrez

Cristian Gutiérrez - Franco Stupaczuk -Octavos - Sevilla Open 2017

This will be Franco Stupaczuk and Cristian Gutiérrez's second season together. They won two titles on the bounce in 2017 (Mijas and Gran Canaria). Gutierrez's class and control fits in perfectly with Stupaczuk's outlandish style of play. They ended the year fourth and now Carlos Pozzoni's men are only looking up. 2018 will test whether this pairing can move on to the next level.

5 Matías Díaz and Alejandro Galán


Matías Díaz's experience and character joins forces with the up and coming Alejandro GalánThe pairing is looking to adapt quickly to continue evolving in the elite. Matias Diaz has already proved that he can take every single partner he's had to the top. On this umpteenth journey, he is joined by one of the biggest Spanish talents to come out recently on the World Padel Tour. After his meteoric rise in 2018, Galan will be tested again this season.

6 Juan Mieres and Miguel Lamperti

Juani Mieres - Miguel Lamperti - Dieciseisavos - Buenos Aires Padel Master 2017

This will be the third year together for Bahia Blanca's Juan Mieres and Miguel Lampertiwho are looking to leave behind the problems from 2017 which sidelined Mieres at the start of the year. A pairing whose competitive edge is beyond question. Their challenge is to find their best version quickly. That version that is capable of putting any pairing against the ropes. Their biggest objective will be to win a title, something they are yet to achieve together. In this third chapter of their history together, the only novelty is that they will no longer work with Gustavo Pratto.

7 Juan Cruz Belluati and Juan Lebrón


Two young promises that are quickly establishing themselves. Juan Cruz Belluati and Juan Lebrón are now looking to take on the best players together. Youth, talent and fearlessness are the characteristics of the youngest pairing in the top 8. Severino Iezzi will coack this young project that wants to be a regular fixture in the elite.

8 Álvaro Cepero and Gonzalo "Godo" Díaz


Magic and more magic. That's Gonzalo "Godo" Díaz and Álvaro CeperoThe Argentine is one of the most exquisite players on tour and wants to continue translating that into positive results. After his two year spell with Lucho Capra, Godo Diaz now lines up alongside Álvaro CeperoThe Andalusian reached his first Master Final in 2017 and wants to build on from there. His talent will be put to the test in 2018.

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