Euskadi has its first pairings in the last 16 [Vídeo]

The sour note of the day was Ramiro Moyano's injury

Euskadi has its first pairings in the last 16 [Vídeo]

The Keler Euskadi Open opened its first round action on centre court with Adrián Allemandi - Agustín Gómez Silingo taking on Raul Diaz and Raul Marcos. The Argentines took the match 6-4/6-3.

The second match on centre court at the Donostia Arena pitted together Ramiro Moyano - Maxi Grabiel and Pablo Lijó - Jordi Muñoz. Moyano's injury in the last point of the match gave Muñoz and Lijo the win with the score at 7-6/5-3.

The morning session came to a close with Aday Santana and Willy Lahoz's victory over Peter Alonso and Javier Ruiz by 6-3/6-0.

Here are the results from the matches played at the Club de Tenis de San Sebastián:

Ernesto Moreno Carrasco / Cristian Germán Gutiérrez     7-6 / 7-5      Rubén Rivera / Gerard Company

José Rico Dasi / Juan Manuel Restivo     3-6 / 3-6     Gonzalo Díaz / Luciano Capra

Alejandro Galán / Juan Cruz Belluati      6-7 / 6-3 / 2-6      Uri Botello / Federico Quiles 

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