'El Galleguito' is ready for his return at the Vigo Open 2019

After missing the Estrella Damm Alicante Open due to injury, Juan Martín Díaz will return to the competition in Galicia

'El Galleguito' is ready for his return at the Vigo Open 2019

The fourth round of World Padel Tour is just around the corner. From the 5th to the 12th of May the Vigo Open 2019 will be played, an awaited reunion of the best padel in the world with the fans of all Galicia. A tournament that will have a great incentive for all lovers of this sport. The event will be the scenario that houses the return to the competition of a legend, a master, a genius who will unfold his magic again on 20 x 10. We refer to Juan Martín Díaz, who will be back in this third Open of the course again with the young talent albiceleste, Agustin Tapia.

He could not miss an appointment with his roots in Galicia, the marplatense of Spanish origin which, among other nicknames, is known as "El Galleguito". The Argentine Hispanic player, will end his absence from the tracks due to problems in his knee. Some annoyances that appeared during the meeting of the quarterfinals of the past Logroño Open and that forced him to miss the last meeting played in Alicante. Once recovered, Díaz is ready to return to action and take part in the tournament most awaited by the Galician fans of World Padel Tour.

It will be his third event of this campaign. A year in which he shares a destiny with the young promises of the Argentine padel, as is Tapia. Both form a binomial that is a guarantee of spectacle on the track. Despite the short time they have together, the pair and the fact of having achieved a quarterfinal and aspire to the great duos of the circuit.

Agustín Tapia - Juan Martín Díaz - Cuartos - Logroño Open 2019

His first objective will be to recover feelings on the track. Regain the excellent competitive tone he had been able to show after his return to the circuit in 2018. A new test for a genius, which has demonstrated his enormous capacity for reinvention in high competition. Last season, "El Señor de los Reflejos" shared a track with Paquito Navarro and also with Juan Lebrón. With both he was able to form a pair able to put in check any couple. His balance was of 3 disputed finals, a constant presence in the final rounds and as a consequence, the return to the world Top Ten of the classification.

A real luxury to have him back to enjoy his magic once more. Welcome back to the best padel in the world, welcome to World Padel Tour!

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