Di Nenno y Garrido: Hungry for glory for the new course

The new duo wants to earn a place among the best couples of World Padel Tour

Di Nenno y Garrido: Hungry for glory for the new course

The duo Martín Di Nenno and Javier Garrido undoubtedly become one of those brave sports projects for the next World Padel Tour season. Two young players who waste talent and willing to claim their place in the firmament of the world padel. Two players with dreams of glory in the circuit, who want to make them together in this next campaign. A path that will be demanding and that will test their determination and everything they have learned in the few years that they lead as professionals. 

Martín Di Nenno 2 - Previa - Estrella Damm Alicante Open

Martín Di Nenno (Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 18/03/1997)

Leaving behind the nightmare lived in recent years and the echoes of that tragic accident where Elías Estrella lost his life, are already a obstacle for anyone and more if the challenge is to make a name in the professional paddle. In 2018, he could hardly take part in 5 big dates. However, in the last one that could take part, Buenos Aires Padel Master, could be seen again in action to that Martín Di Nenno that dazzled the world in his first steps as a professional. With Juan Manuel Restivo, reach the eighth of the last Master of the regular season and again left flashes of that kind and competitive spirit that characterize this powerful drive player. Di Nenno stands out for his reading of the game, his power and his intelligence. A warrior, who has plenty of character and desire to reach the top, who is willing to turn 2019 in the year of his return to the elite.

Javi Garrido - Dieciseisavos Estrella de Levante Murcia Open

Javier Garrido (Córdoba, España 26/10/2000)

2018 marked his first full season as a professional. Gonzalo Rubio, Adrián Allemandi, Álex Ruiz and Francisco Gomes, had the opportunity to escort this junior world champion, whose dream is to reach the top also in absolute categoryA past campaign ended with 27 positions of rise and a remarkable experience at competitive level that has to lay the foundations for his immediate future. A powerful, imaginative player who likes to put into practice a dominating game. His mental capacity, the regularity in the track and the order in critical moments, will be aspects to improve to be able to give that great jump that many expect from the talented player. His bet with Di Nenno shows that Garrido is not afraid of the challenges and faces with illusion a course that will start for both in the always complicated phases of the big dates.

Garrido announced the news through their social networks:

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