Delfi and Bea consummate their 'French revolution' in the Paris Challenger

Delfi and Bea consummate their 'French revolution' in the Paris Challenger

The first international Challenger of the World Padel Tour season, was preparing to choose the first female duo in the history of the circuit to be crowned in Paris. The Central track of the Casa Padel Club, harbored the match between the two series heads of the tournament; Carolina Navarro and Cecilia Reiter in front of the youngest couple, Delfina Brea and Beatriz González.

Reiter and Navarro began taking advantage and the first set would fall on their side by a resounding 6-0 unraveled any attempt by their young rivals to balance the balance. In the second set, Delfi and Bea managed to find some rhythm and were regaining confidence and good feelings on the track. Once they managed to cut the unforced errors, the young couple managed to match the crash (6-3).

The doubts seemed to have taken over Reiter and Navarro giving his serve in the second game of the third, with Brea and González increasingly precise in the 20 x 10. In the eighth game, Gonzalez and Brea consummated their comeback heading to their first title as a couple with a new break to close in 6-2. Delfina Brea and Beatriz González, Paris Challenger Champions!

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